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CRNT-23360 - Added modified implementation of Convert to JSF
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@@ -36,12 +36,13 @@ activities to JSF interactive application activities.</p>
<p>The dialog to generate the JSF GUI opens with the following
- <li><a href="#applName">Application Name</a></li>
+ <ul><li><a href="#applName">Application Name</a></li>
<li><a href="#webRoot">Web Root</a></li>
<li><a href="#panelLoc">Panel Location</a></li>
<li><a href="#panelName">Panel Name</a></li>
<li><a href="#adaptLoc">Adapter Location</a></li>
- <li><a href="#adaptName">Adapter Name</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#adaptName">Adapter Name</a></li></ul>
+ <li><a href="#pref">Generation Preferences</a></li>
<p>In most of the cases, the JSF automatic GUI generation wizard
fields will be already filled with matching information. Optionally you
@@ -50,33 +51,43 @@ can change the default values of the fields.</p>
alt="Conversion Wizard"> <br>
<strong>Figure:</strong> JSF Conversion Wizard</p>
-<h4 id="applName">Application Name</h4>
+<h3 id="applName">Application Name</h3>
<p>The name (and id) of the new application that will be generated.
The default value is derived from the <tt>&lt;activity name&gt;</tt> + <tt>"App"</tt>
-<h4 id="webRoot">Web Root</h4>
+<h3 id="webRoot">Web Root</h3>
<p>This entry determines the root folder, where the Web project is
located. The default value is derived from the <tt>"/"</tt> + <tt>&lt;project
name&gt;</tt> + <tt>"/WebContent"</tt>. If this entry is not valid, browse
and select a valid workspace folder. Please make sure the selected
folder is a dynamic Web project.</p>
-<h4 id="panelLoc">Panel Location</h4>
+<h3 id="panelLoc">Panel Location</h3>
<p>This represents the folder in the Web root where the generated
JSF snippet will be placed. The default value is <tt>/xhtml</tt>. If the
folder does not exist, a new one will be created.</p>
-<h4 id="panelName">Panel Name</h4>
+<h3 id="panelName">Panel Name</h3>
<p>The file name of the JSF snippet is determined in this field. The
implicit extension of <tt>.xhtml</tt> will be attached. The default
panel name is derived from the <tt>&lt;activity name&gt;</tt> + <tt>"Panel"</tt>
-<h4 id="adaptLoc">Adapter Location</h4>
+<h3 id="adaptLoc">Adapter Location</h3>
<p>This entry represents the package name of the backing bean of the
JSF panel. The default value is derived from <tt>"ag.carnot."</tt> + <tt>&lt;project
name&gt;</tt> + <tt>".web.jsf.beans"</tt>.</p>
-<h4 id="adaptName">Adapter Name</h4>
+<h3 id="adaptName">Adapter Name</h3>
<p>Here the name of the backing bean of the JSF panel is filled in.
The default value is derived from the <tt>&lt;activity name&gt;</tt> + <tt>"Bean"</tt>
+<h2 id="pref">Generation Preferences</h2>
+<p>Select the number of columns to be displayed in the @productname@ Portal
+from the <strong>Number of Columns Used to Display Data
+in Column Layouts</strong> drop-down list. By default, data is displayed in three columns.</p>
+<p class="image"><img src="images/gen-pref.png"
+ alt="Generation Preferences"> <br>
+<strong>Figure:</strong> Generation Preferences</p>
<h2>Conversion Execution</h2>
<p>On execution the following objects will be generated:</p>