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CRNT-24408 - Updated for qualified ID
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two hours with a batch size of 300 would look like the following:</p>
<pre>console migraterepository -batchSize 300 -timeLimit 120</pre>
<h2 id="multimodel">Multi-Model Environment</h2>
+<p>In all methods referring to top model elements via ID, the qualified ID of the model element
+can be used. The qualified ID is defined as:
+<pre>'{' + model-id + '}' + element-id
<p>If participants have duplicate IDs in multi-model environment then
-qualified ID should be used to execute the createuser and modifyuser commands.</p>
+qualified ID should be used to execute the <tt>createuser</tt> and <tt>modifyuser</tt> commands.</p>
<h3>Example Command for Multi-Model Environment</h3>
-<p>Createuser example:</p>
+<p>In the following examples, Consumer1 is the model ID and Role1 is the element ID which makes a quaulified ID.
+<h4>Create User Example</h4>
+-u motu -p motu createuser -account "Test_user1" -addgrants {Consumer1}Role1
+<h4>Modify User example:</h4>
--u motu -p motu modifyuser -account "Test_user1" -addgrants {Consumer1}SurgeRole1
+-u motu -p motu modifyuser -account "Test_user1" -addgrants {Consumer1}Role1
<h2 id="list">Retrieving Model Version Tree Information</h2>
<p>The console command <tt>-list</tt> can be used to display all model
versions deployed. The model versions are displayed in the following