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CRNT-30740 - Added details for corelation
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<p>There are multiple ways to address the correct activity instance to be
-completed by adding certain header fields to the Camel message.
+completed by adding certain header fields to the Camel message.</p>
+For the following cases, when we use corelation it should always use activity ID, process ID and data
+of the same consumer application.
+In this case only consumer activity will get completed.
+For example, when we corelate an activity using process ID, activity ID and data,
+the activity found should be same
+as Consumer activity for which consumer route is activated. If we give any
+other activity say DummyAct then in consumer route it will find the DummyAct activity,
+which won't be useful and no action will be taken on that found activity. In this case,
+the consumer activity will remain in hibernated state.
<h3>Correlate by activity instance OID</h3>