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CRNT-25156 - Revised content for process search restriction
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<h4 id="ldaplogin">LDAP login provider allows login without user password</h4>
<p>Note that in case @productname@ is configured to use the LDAP Login Provider
and internal security, a user is allowed to login without providing a password.</p>
-<h4 id="bcc">Timeout during process search</h4>
-<p>When searching for processes if the <strong>All Processes</strong> option is selected, sometimes the
+<h4 id="bcc">Performance decrease and timeout during process search</h4>
+<p>Performance issue and timeout may occur when searching for processes.
+It happens if the <strong>All Processes</strong> option is selected and the
total count is not available in the summary of the search result table. This happens in two cases: </p>
<li>When getTotalCount() returns Long.MAX_VALUE</li>
<li>When getTotalCount() throws <tt>UnsupportedOperationException</tt> </li>
- <p> In this scenario, the summary displayed at the top of the table will change.
+ <p> To avoid any issues, the summary displayed at the top of the table will change.
For example, the summary will be changed from -<br> <tt>32 records (s) found, displaying 10 records(s), from 1 to 10. Page 1 / 4.</tt><br>
<tt>Many records(s) found, displaying Page 1</tt><br>