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</a> chapter in the
<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">
Concepts</a></span> handbook.
-Using the <strong>Delegate Case Ownership</strong> option, you can change the owner.
+Using the <strong>Delegate Case Ownership</strong> option, you can modify the case owner.
<p>Note that there are no restrictions to whom the case owner can delegate the case. The case owner can delegate
the case to any participant regardless of current performer defined in any active model. Such as, delegation to
any @productname@ Portal user, role (can be implicitly scoped role),
@@ -208,20 +208,6 @@ are ordered alphabetically by the prepended parent organization name.
<li>Select the type of the participant from the <strong>Type</strong> drop-down list</li>
<li>Click <strong>Ok</strong>.</li>
-<h4>Modifying a Case Owner</h4>
-<p>To modify the case owner:</p>
- <li>Click the <img src="images/editcaseowner.png"><strong>Delegate Case Owner</strong> icon
- displayed next to the case owner</li>
- <li>In the <strong>Delegate Case Ownership</strong> dialog, select the type from the <strong>Type</strong> drop-down list and
- click <strong>Pick From List</strong> link
- </li>
- <li>Select the participant from the list. The modified case owner name (user, role, organization and department) gets displayed.</li>
-<p class="image"><img src="images/case-owner.png" alt="Delegate Case Ownership"><br>
-<strong>Figure:</strong> Delegated Case Ownership to Department</p>
<h3>Modifying Case Description</h3>
<p>To modify the case description:</p>