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CRNT-25051 - Click and Click-Drag symbol gesture
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To assign a lane participant, select any participant from the Participant drop-down list.
The selected participant name is reflected in lane header in parenthesis to the right of the lane name.
Activities automatically get the participant assignment of the lane they are residing in.
+<h2>Symbols in Lanes</h2>
+<p>Symbols in Lanes
+All symbols of model elements like activities, applications, data and participants, are tied to lanes.
+Their entire bounding box fit into lanes. Newly created symbols are added in a lane.
+Existing symbols can be dragged into lanes, as described in the section Drag and Drop of Symbols between Lanes.
+<h3>Symbol Gesture</h3>
+<h4>Mouse Hover</h4>
+<h4>Double-click Symbol</h4>
+<h4>Clicking a Symbol</h4>
+<h4>Ctrl+click Symbol</h4>
+<h4>Click and Drag</h4>
+<p>Click on the symbol in the toolbar and place it in the lane. Then, click on symbol and drag it from one lane to any another lane.
+The connections
+to symbols remains intact.</p>
+<h3>Drag and Drop Gesture</h3>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">