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<li>Performer Type - You can select performer defined in the modeling environment (role or organization) or
individual user of the runtime environment. Following options are provided in the drop-down list:
- <li>User</li>
+ <li><a href="#realm">User</a></li>
<li>User Group</li>
<li>Organization/Role/User Group</li>
<li>Binding Data - Select the binding data to provide the performer's identity. It contains data from
the current model and other models, as well.</li>
<li>Binding Data Path - Specify the according data path in this text box</li>
+<h4 id="realm">User Realm </h4>
+<p>If you select User as a performer type, then you can specify data for the user realm.
+ For more information, please refer to the section
+<span class="showReference">
+<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">User Realm</a>
+ </span>
+ <span class="hideReference"><strong>User Realm</strong></span>
+ of the chapter
+ <span class="showReference">
+<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">Managing Multi Partition @productname@ Installations</a>
+<span class="hideReference">
+<strong>Managing Multi Partition @productname@ Installations</strong>
+in the <strong>@productname@ Documentation</strong></span>.</p>
+<p class="image"><img src="images/user-realm.png"
+<strong>Figure:</strong> User Realm</p>
<li>Click the <strong>Comments</strong> tab to add comment</li>