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CRNT-27477 - prevent DnD of elements for no public visibility
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@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ You can drag and drop the elements as described in the chapter <a href="model-vi
+<h4>Dragging and Dropping Elements with Same ID</h4>
<p>However, whenever you drag and drop any element within the model or across the models, a validation
is performed on the ID of the elements. If the element with the same ID exists, then you cannot drag and
drop the element. In that case, the following message is displayed:</p>
@@ -252,6 +252,16 @@ drop the element. In that case, the following message is displayed:</p>
<strong>Figure:</strong> Validation Drag and Drop Operation - Element with same ID</p>
<p>You should change the name of the element which changes the ID accordingly, to enable drag and drop operation.</p>
+<h4>Dragging and Dropping Elements across Models</h4>
+<p>Elements that are not publicly visible cannot be dragged and dropped across the models from the
+My Process Models panel. If you try to drag and drop element for which the Public Visibility option is not
+selected, the following error message is displayed and the element do not get added to the process diagram canvas.</p>
+<p class="image"><img src="images/public-visiblity-no.png"
+ alt="Drag and Drop Elements - No Public Visibility" /> <br>
+<strong>Figure:</strong> Drag and Drop Elements - No Public Visibility</p>
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