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CRNT-23637 - updated for structured data default styling
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<p class="image"><img src="images/manual-activity-form.png" alt=""></p>
<h4>Mapping of Enumerations</h4>
-<p>Note that the direct mapping of enumerations into activities does not produce
-a combobox but an edit field:</p>
-<p class="image"><img src="images/enumeration-edit-field.png" alt=""></p>
-<p>In case an enumeration field is inside a composite type, the correct combobox
-is created:</p>
+<p>The combobox is created if direct mapping of enumeration is provided into activities
+or enumeration field is inside a composite type.</p>
<p class="image"><img src="images/enumeration-form.png" alt=""></p>
<h2 id="transition">Setting Up Transition Conditions for Structured Data</h2>