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CRNT-28623 - Updated for process interface
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@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ property panel of the element.</p>
<p>Using the process interface, process definition of the provider model can be referenced
in the consumer model. For the definition of the process interface, please refer to the chapter
<span class="showReference">
-<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">Glossary</a>.
+<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">Glossary</a>.
</span><span class="hideReference">
<strong>Glossary</strong> in the <strong>@productname@ Documentation</strong>.</span></p>
@@ -308,9 +308,10 @@ If the other user selects the comment or no comment is selected, the Delete icon
<h2 id="ref">Working with Referenced Process</h2>
-<p>The referenced process definition becomes the subprocess in the referencing model.
-If the <strong>Provides Process Interface</strong> option is set for the process in the referenced model
-then only it can be referenced in another model.
+<p>The process can be referenced in another model only when the <strong>Provides Process Interface</strong>
+option is set for the process.
+The referenced process definition becomes the subprocess in the referencing model.
<p>Drag and drop the process from the referenced model.</p>
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@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ are created automatically.</p>
<h4>Unique per root process instance</h4>
<p>In case the <strong>Support process attachments</strong> flag
is enabled, the <strong>Unique per root process instance</strong>
-checkbox is enabled as well.</p>
+option gets activated.</p>
<p class="image"><img src="images/mg-proc-attach-unique.png"
alt="unique flag"> <br>
<strong>Figure:</strong> Unique per root process instance option.</p>