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CRNT-23360 - Added limitation section
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@@ -151,6 +151,24 @@ After performing an undo operation and deleting the according packages and code,
a redo cannot create the code again.</p>
<p>The created packages and code will also still remain in the
project, after the according JSF application is deleted from the model.</p>
+<h2>Limitations for Manual Activity Converted to JSF Application Activity</h2>
+ <li>Though <strong>Display Mapped Documents</strong> is configured in Activity Panel configuration, no
+ mapped documents are auto-opened. </li>
+ <li>The configuration <strong>Show Warning for Unsaved Documents Opened from Activity Views</strong>
+ does not work.</li>
+ <li>When the File Upload dialog is opened, the user is forced to open document after upload.</li>
+ <li>If two activities have same name then their Bean class (that is, Adapter Name) also have same name,
+ this may cause issues at runtime and this is not validated while converting activity to JSF.</li>
+ <li>Generated JSF beans are in session scope, so two activities of same type cannot be activated at
+ same time in two different views.</li>
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