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<carnot:Attribute Name="ipp:variables[7]:defaultValue" Value="TEST" Type="String"/>
<carnot:Attribute Name="ipp:variables[7]:description" Value="Environment variable to decide whether working in production or test mode." Type="String"/>
+ For more information, please refer to the chapter
+ <span class="showReference">
+ <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">
+ Configuration Variables View</a></span>
+ <!-- link from inside Portal Documentation jar -->
+ <span class="hideReference">
+ <a href="../execution-clients/admin-portal/views/admin-config-var.html">
+ Configuration Variables View</a></span>
+ in the
+ <span class="showReference">
+ <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">
+ Administration perspective</a></span>
+ <!-- link from inside Portal Documentation jar -->
+ <span class="hideReference">
+ <a href="../execution-clients/admin-portal/admin-portal.html">Administration perspective</a></span>.
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ The Business Process Modeling perspective supports AND and XOR types of gateway
You can implicitly join or split the gateway depending on the sequence flow added.
By default, XOR gateway type gets created.
You can create unlimited in and out sequence flow connections from gateways.
-Gateways can be connected to other gateways. You can connect only activities and gateways with gateways.
+You can connect only activities and gateways with gateways.
@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ icon displayed at top right side of the diagram canvas.</p>
<p>To delete the comment, select the comment and click the <strong>Delete</strong> icon.
The user, who has submitted the comment, only that user can delete the comment.
If the other user selects the comment or no comment is selected, the Delete icon remains in disabled state.</p>
+<p>For more information, also refer to the chapter <a href="pep-con-sequence.htm">Working with Sequence Flows</a>.</p>
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