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<br> <strong>Figure:</strong> Select Application</p>
<p>The properties of the selected application get displayed.</p>
+<h2 id="wrap">Working with Service Wrapper Process Wizard</h2>
+<p>The Service Wrapper Process Wizard allows creating a process definition with
+SOAP and/or REST interface based on a service application, without the need to model it manually.
+It supports service definition with one IN and OUT access points on a structured data type only.
+The Request Data (any Structured Data Type in the same model) and Response
+Data (any Structured Data Type in the same model) are used as
+IN respectively OUT formal parameter of the process interfaces created.
+In addition to this it's possible to specify a pre- and/or post-processing
+Rules Application, which will be invoked prior or after the actual service call.
+A Service Wrapper Process can be transient and/or persistent (default).
+The Wrapper Process created will define:
+ <li>A process interface (SOAP and/or REST) with Request Data as input parameter and Response Data as output parameter</li>
+ <li>A possible Rules Activity for pre-processing logic</li>
+ <li>A Service Activity using the service on which basis the wizard has been initiated</li>
+ <li>A possible Rules Activity for post-processing logic</li>
+If the Create Test Wrapper Process check box is selected, another process is created.
+This process can be used as manual test process to invoke the
+original process from within the process portal and not via SOAP and/or REST.
+The Test Process created will define:
+ <li>A Manual Trigger for the Administrator role</li>
+ <li>A Manual Activity gathering content for Request Data</li>
+ <li>A sub-process invocation of the actual wrapper process</li>
+ <li>A Manual Activity displaying content of Response Data</li>
+<p class="image"><img src="images/wrapper.png">
+<br> <strong>Figure:</strong> Service Wrapper Process Wizard</p>
<h2 id="refap">Working with Referenced Application</h2>