BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_2_5_patches[436412] backport Bug 428374: [formatting] unknown regions remove inline css ...Nick Sandonato20 months
R3_3_2_patches[nobug] increment version for 3.3.2 patchesNick Sandonato3 years
R3_3_maintenance[371021] Incorrect validation of resource across web projectsnsandonato4 years
R3_4_2_patches[440912] Can not change names in XML Schema Editor when schema does notkchong18 months
R3_4_maintenance[399934] jsp_2_1.xsd and jsp_2_2.xsd are incorrectly registeredNitin Dahyabhai3 years
R3_5_maintenance[nobug] Increment version for 3.5.2Nick Sandonato2 years
R3_6_2_maintenance[444545] [validation] Ability to ignore custom html tag - Fix build breakNick Sandonato15 months
R3_6_maintenanceBug 458962 - WTP 3.7.0 Compile errorDavid Williams12 months
R3_7_maintenance[482859] Failure to check namespace in OpenOnSelectionHelper - 3.7.2kchong2 months
masterBug 485694 - NPE when you invoke content assist into an empty file on JSON ed...Victor Rubezhny37 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R3_7_1.tar.gz  R3_7_1.tar.xz  Alina Marin5 months  R3_7_0.tar.gz  R3_7_0.tar.xz  Nitin Dahyabhai9 months  R3_6_3.tar.gz  R3_6_3.tar.xz  David Williams12 months  R3_6_1.tar.gz  R3_6_1.tar.xz  Nick Sandonato17 months  webtools.sourceediting-201408131441.tar.gz  webtools.sourceediting-201408131441.tar.xz  kchong18 months  webtools.sourceediting-201408112023.tar.gz  webtools.sourceediting-201408112023.tar.xz  kchong18 months  webtools.sourceediting-201407282104.tar.gz  webtools.sourceediting-201407282104.tar.xz  Nick Sandonato19 months  webtools.sourceediting-201406121520.tar.gz  webtools.sourceediting-201406121520.tar.xz  Nick Sandonato20 months  R3_6_0.tar.gz  R3_6_0.tar.xz  vrubezhny20 months  webtools.sourceediting-201405291913.tar.gz  webtools.sourceediting-201405291913.tar.xz  vrubezhny20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
37 hoursBug 485694 - NPE when you invoke content assist into an empty file on JSON ed...HEADmasterVictor Rubezhny1-415/+417
9 daysBug 486840 - The JSON Schemas are lost from the editor bundlesrefs/changes/84/65484/1Victor Rubezhny3-103/+111
2016-01-22[Bug 484762] Add JSON Editor contribution into maven build and include into f...Victor Rubezhny5-10/+11
2016-01-20[nobug] update test suite launcher to default to Java 8Nitin Dahyabhai1-2/+2
2016-01-14Bug 473521 - NullPointerException in AutoEditStrategyForJs.getJavaProject (67)refs/changes/71/64371/1vrubezhny1-1/+4
2015-12-25Bug 484762 - Add JSON Editor contribution into maven build and include into f...Victor Rubezhny72-0/+1359
2015-12-21Bug 471820 - [contribution] Eclipse WTP JSON Editorrefs/changes/13/62013/4angelozerr341-0/+40484
2015-11-26Bug 483058 - Merge SSE Test Repository into Source Repositoryvrubezhny119-600/+765
2015-11-25Bug 483058 - Merge SSE Test Repository into Source RepositoryVictor Rubezhny2725-0/+168206
2015-11-23[482859] Failure to check namespace in OpenOnSelectionHelperkchong1-14/+32
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