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2017-01-23[510582] Fix pb of ignored file during conversion to modeling project v2.0.8v2.0.xLaurent Redor10-17/+234
2017-01-23[version] Bump version to 2.0.8Laurent Redor153-1230/+1230
2016-11-28[508106] Adds JUnit testv2.0.7Laurent Redor5-1/+227
2016-11-24[508106] Attach new DEdge before modifying it.Laurent Redor1-4/+4
2015-09-03[476570] Update custom style documentationMaxime Porhel2-52/+53
2015-08-28[475834] Avoid re-entrant ResourceSetSync notificationsPierre-Charles David1-3/+12
2015-08-25[474334] Systematically declare Dialect Metamodels as availablecbrun14-0/+287
2015-08-04[473263] Reinit the permission autorithy lock status listener.Maxime Porhel3-1/+17
2015-08-03[473263] TestMaxime Porhel6-76/+343
2015-08-03[473263] Table/Tree editor are not able to resolve their proxy inputMaxime Porhel2-1/+59
2015-06-16[version] Bump version to 2.0.7Maxime Porhel153-1230/+1230
2015-06-16[466566] Correct compilation error in testMaxime Porhel1-0/+20
2015-06-16[cleanup] Fix SiriusUIPreferencesKeys resetLaurent Fasani1-9/+15
2015-06-16[466566] TestMaxime Porhel10-5/+496
2015-06-12[466566] Add adapters on new referenced analysis after reloadv2.0.6Maxime Porhel4-18/+63
2015-06-12[cleanup] Avoid potential NPE on SessionEventBroker gettingEsteban Dugueperoux1-19/+7
2015-06-12[test] Move up PREF_SAVE_WHEN_NO_EDITOR preference disablingEsteban Dugueperoux1-5/+6
2015-06-12[test] Avoid potential NPE on CheckEditPartMoved.getFailureMessage()Esteban Dugueperoux1-23/+7
2015-06-10[467115] ModelExplorerView uses LockDecorationUpdater to be refreshedLaurent Redor7-2/+619
2015-06-09[467508] Delete impossible after external modif of representations fileLaurent Redor2-4/+110
2015-06-02[version] Bump version to 2.0.6Laurent Redor153-1230/+1230
2015-06-02[454902] Remove test added by mistake.Laurent Redor1-1/+0
2015-06-02[test] Fix NodeLabelPositionTestLaurent Redor1-2/+29
2015-05-29[cleanup] Report work already done on master to avoid checkstyle problemLaurent Redor2-5/+16
2015-05-29[454902] Backport work in regard to gerrit test suites from masterLaurent Redor12-117/+527
2015-05-29[test] Exclude auto sized container of migration size checkLaurent Redor9-2004/+2138
2015-05-29[test] Make test BorderMarginTest.testAutoSize() more reliableLaurent Redor4-70/+75
2015-05-28[cleanup] remove RedundantThrows useless checkstyle rule since 6.2.0Esteban Dugueperoux1-6/+0
2015-05-28[cleanup] remove JUnitTestCase useless checkstyle rule Esteban Dugueperoux1-3/+0
2015-05-28[456318] Update JDT preferences to build workspace with Mars.Florian Barbin41-41/+41
2015-04-27[463667] Tweak the name and paths of published archivesPierre-Charles David1-4/+5
2015-04-23[463667] Publish archived update-sites for each streamPierre-Charles David1-0/+5
2015-04-08[460351] update test failing on jenkinsSteve Monnier1-17/+71
2015-03-30[460351] Add test to ensure that there is no NPE on diagram deletionv2.0.5Steve Monnier1-0/+1
2015-03-25[462336] Allow (un)control on semantic models other than the firstSteve Monnier5-3/+42
2015-03-20[460351] Correct NPE during navigation from problem markerMaxime Porhel2-9/+74
2015-03-19[459636] Correctly detect semantic roots for XSD-based modelsMickael LANOE2-5/+64
2015-03-19Merge "[462336] Allow (un)control on semantic models other than the first" in...Steve Monnier6-8/+163
2015-03-18[459237] Better update DAnalysisSessionImpl semantic resources part2Laurent Fasani2-2/+6
2015-03-17[462336] Allow (un)control on semantic models other than the firstSteve Monnier6-8/+163
2015-03-16[459237] Test semantic resources and crossReferencer after controlLaurent Fasani7-10/+525
2015-03-16[459237] Better update DAnalysisSessionImpl semantic resourcesLaurent Fasani3-44/+88
2015-03-16[459237] Properly remove the semantic root from aird model tagLaurent Fasani2-6/+60
2015-03-16[459237] Manage controlled resource removal in doRemoveSemanticResourceLaurent Fasani4-19/+30
2015-03-16[459237] Disable proxy resolution when removing a resource from sessionLaurent Fasani1-0/+1
2015-03-16[459237] Differentiate behavior between delete notif or remove model cmdLaurent Fasani4-19/+90
2015-03-11[459783] Improve DnD cursor feedbackSteve Monnier1-25/+66
2015-03-06Merge "[460351] Control/Uncontrol updates input of opened controlled represen...Steve Monnier7-4/+623
2015-03-05[test] Dispose "Loading models" shell at tearDownLaurent Redor1-21/+23
2015-03-05[460351] Control/Uncontrol updates input of opened controlledSteve Monnier7-4/+623

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