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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
releases/10.0Trigger derived resource update for java files onlyMatthias Villiger12 days
releases/2011-Jan(no commit message)Ivan Motsch8 years
releases/2011-Junwarnings removed when a new scout project is created using the new project wi...Matthias Villiger8 years
releases/2012-Janmore robust implementation for NLS name retrieval in scout explorer if the sc...Matthias Villiger7 years
releases/2012-Junbugfix for logging manager that always logged info instead of the correct sev...Matthias Villiger7 years
releases/3.10.xFix to find supertypes in forms only creating sub DTOsMatthias Villiger4 years
releases/3.8Bug 422960 - SDK Support for @ClassIdMatthias Villiger5 years
releases/3.9bug 384960: Migrate Eclipse Scout from SVN to Git Stephan Leicht7 years
releases/4.0.xBug 450243 - Scout Bundle Graph calculation running for agesMatthias Villiger5 years
releases/4.1.xMethod test fixed to reflect latest RT API changes.Matthias Villiger5 years
releases/4.2.xHandle possible NPEMatthias Villiger3 years
releases/4.3.xBug 465613 - Checkbox Add to Desktop disabled for Adding new Outlines to Desk...Matthias Villiger4 years
releases/5.0.xUpdate version to 5.0.300 from 5.0.200.Arthur van Dorp3 years
releases/5.1.xFix @Extends annotation value for TableField extensionsMatthias Villiger4 years
releases/5.2.xThe method getDynamicNlsBaseName must not be protected.Matthias Villiger3 years
releases/6.0.xBug 549754: Reduce fork count to one (single vm)Patrick Bänziger6 weeks
releases/6.1.xBug 549754: Reduce fork count to one (single vm)Patrick Bänziger6 weeks
releases/7.0.xMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/releases/6.1.x' intoMichael Rudolf5 weeks
releases/7.1.xMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/releases/7.0.x' into releases/7.1.xPatrick Bänziger18 months
releases/8.0.xMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/releases/7.0.x' intoMichael Rudolf5 weeks
releases/9.0.xMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/releases/8.0.x' intoMichael Rudolf5 weeks

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