This is a web interface for Eclipse Git repositories. Many projects also use the Gerrit Code Review. For more information about Git, please see the Git Wiki page.

The contents of the Git repositories are made available under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement.

incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.clientscripting.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Ralf Sternberg13 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.cnf.gitCommon Navigator Framework (CNF) port for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg13 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.dropdown.gitDropdown component for RAP Markus Knauer5 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.e4.gitRAP e4 Incubator Repository Thomas Schindl4 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.fileupload.gitFile upload additions for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg4 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.gef.gitGraphical Editing Framework (GEF) port for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg8 weeks
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.nebula-grid.gitNebula grid widget for RAP Ralf Sternberg10 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.osgi-packaging.gitPackage the RAP Runtime for OSGi containers such as Karaf Markus Knauer21 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.pde.gitPlugin-spy and error log view for RAP (ported from PDE) Ralf Sternberg8 weeks
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.releng.gitRAP Incubator release engineering Ralf Sternberg12 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.richtext.gitRichText Component for RAP based on the CKEditor Markus Knauer6 weeks
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.spreadsheet.gitSpreadsheet component for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg13 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.tabbed-properties.gitTabbed properties view for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg13 months
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.themeeditor.gitTheme editor for RAP Tooling (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg3 years
incubator/org.eclipse.rap.incubator.visualization.gitGoogle Visualization widgets for RAP (Incubation) Ralf Sternberg13 months