Purpose: To test the Preferences in Eclipse.  We will open the Preferences dialog, select some pages, change and apply preferences, verify their affect, and test persistence between sessions.


  1. Install Eclipse Platform.
  1. Start the workbench.
  2. Invoke Window > Preferences and verify that the Preferences dialog appears.  Click on all of the items in the left hand viewer to demonstrate that each item has a valid page and no exceptions occur in their creation.  Now close the dialog.
  3. The behavior of the workbench can be customized using the preferences.  To see this in action we will examine various preferences which ship with Eclipse.
  4. The selection in the navigator is linked to the active editor.  Open a couple of files.  Then switch between the editors and watch how the input for the active editor is selected in the navigator.  You can disable this option in the Preferences.  To do this ..
    1. Open the preferences dialog.
    2. Turning off "Link navigator selection to active editor" in the workbench preferences.
    3. Press OK.  The dialog should close.
    4. Now switch between the editors.  Notice that the selection in the navigator does not change.
  5. The Perspective > Open menu action can also be customized.  By default this action will open a new perspective in the current window.  You can change this to "open in new window" or "replace other".  To see this behavior ..
    1. Open the preferences dialog.  Change the workbench preferences for "Open Perspective" to "Open in New Window".  Then press OK
    2. Invoke Perspective > Open > Java.  Notice how a new window is created for the perspective.  The list of open windows is shown in the Window menu.  Select these items to switch between the windows.
  6. If you don't like the current preferences you can reset them.  Open the preferences dialog again.  To reset the state of "Link navigator .." and "Open Perspective .." press the Restore Defaults button.  If you press OK the options will be saved.  However, let's assume that you decide not to change them.  Press Cancel.  Then verify that the deviant options have not been restored to default by switching between editors and opening a new perspective.
  7. Invoke File > Exit.  Then restart the workbench.
  8. Open the preferences dialog and confirm tha "Link navigator .. " and "Open Perspective .." still reflect the customized values.  The workbench will automatically save your preferences between sessions.