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   <title>Test Scenario: Bookmarks View</title>

Bookmarks View</h3>
Purpose: To test the Bookmark view in Eclipse.&nbsp; We will open the view,
add a number of bookmarks to some files, open the source file for each
bookmark and then delete those bookmarks.
Install Eclipse Platform.</li>

Create a java project containing three java files and a text file.</li>
Start the workbench.</li>

Invoke Perspective > Show View > Bookmarks and verify that the Bookmarks
view appears.</li>

Select a java file in the navigator and invoke Edit > Add Bookmark.&nbsp;
Verify that a new bookmark appears in the Bookmarks view for the selected
java file.</li>

Double click the bookmark in the bookmarks view and verify that an editor
opens on the source file.</li>

Select the 10th line of text in the editor and invoke Add Bookmark in the
context menu.&nbsp; A dialog should appear where you can type the bookmark
label.&nbsp; Enter "Line 10" and press OK.&nbsp; Verify that another bookmark
appears in the Bookmarks view with the label "Line 10".&nbsp; A bookmark
icon should also appear in the editor to the left of line 10.</li>

Close the editor.</li>

Select "Line 10" in the bookmarks view and press the "Go to File" button
in the toolbar.&nbsp; Verify that an editor opens on the source file and
that line 10 is selected.</li>

Right click on the bookmark icon in the editor and invoke "Remove Bookmark".&nbsp;
Verify that the bookmark disappears in the editor and the bookmarks view.</li>

In the navigator select all three java files, verify that "Add Bookmark"
is enabled, and then invoke it.&nbsp; Verify that 3 bookmarks are appear
in the bookmarks view.</li>

Select a project, folder, or any combination of project | folder with file.&nbsp;
Verify that "Add Bookmark is disabled.</li>

Go to the bookmarks view and invoke "Select All" from the context menu.&nbsp;
Verify that everything is selected.</li>

Then press "Return" in the bookmarks view and verify that all of the bookmarks
are opened in editors.</li>

Invoke "Delete" in the bookmarks view and verify that all bookmarks are