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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R4_10_maintenanceBug 544930 - browser id does not get set in WebBrowserEditorInput when aKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi5 months
R4_11_maintenanceBug 545914 - Japanese Calendar - Not showing correct Japanese Year inKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi5 months
R4_12_maintenanceRevert "Bug 546777 - Workbench opens closed/moved fragment on restart"Dani Megert3 months
R4_4_maintenanceBug 547754 - Slow loading "org.eclipse.e4.ui.swt.css.theme" whenKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi8 weeks
R4_6_maintenanceBug 547754 - Slow loading "org.eclipse.e4.ui.swt.css.theme" when usingKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi8 weeks
R4_7_maintenanceBug 532486 - Commands contributed to an E4 view don't update text if nlkalyan prasad16 months
R4_8_maintenanceBug 544930 - browser id does not get set in WebBrowserEditorInput when aKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi5 months
R4_9_maintenanceBug 544930 - browser id does not get set in WebBrowserEditorInput when aKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi5 months
bug531135Bug 531135 - Remove Nebula from Modular TargetKarsten Thoms18 months
masterBug 550036 - Bug 548639 - Update application model code (EMF) with theEd Merks11 hours
I20190823-0840eclipse.platform.ui-I20190823-0840.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190823-0840.tar.xz  Lars Vogel35 hours
S4_13_0_M3eclipse.platform.ui-S4_13_0_M3.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-S4_13_0_M3.tar.xz  genie.releng36 hours
I20190823-0530eclipse.platform.ui-I20190823-0530.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190823-0530.tar.xz  Mickael Istria4 days
I20190820-1800eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-1800.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-1800.tar.xz  Lars Vogel4 days
I20190821-0600eclipse.platform.ui-I20190821-0600.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190821-0600.tar.xz  Lars Vogel4 days
I20190821-1800eclipse.platform.ui-I20190821-1800.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190821-1800.tar.xz  Lars Vogel4 days
Y20190822-0900eclipse.platform.ui-Y20190822-0900.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-Y20190822-0900.tar.xz  Lars Vogel4 days
I20190819-2355eclipse.platform.ui-I20190819-2355.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190819-2355.tar.xz  Andrey Loskutov5 days
I20190820-0600eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-0600.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-0600.tar.xz  Andrey Loskutov5 days
I20190820-0855eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-0855.tar.gz  eclipse.platform.ui-I20190820-0855.tar.xz  Andrey Loskutov5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursBug 550036 - Bug 548639 - Update application model code (EMF) with theHEADmasterEd Merks61-329/+583
35 hoursBug 550328 - Stabilize IEditorRegistryTest.testBug308894 to fail only onI20190823-0840Lars Vogel1-19/+20
36 hoursBug 550353 - don't initialize freeze monitor in dev modeJulian Honnen1-1/+2
4 daysBug 548386 - Frequent UI freezes because of ResourceExtensionContentProviderI20190823-0530Mickael Istria1-10/+40
4 daysRevert "Bug 550211 - Revert "Remove try catch block in StructuredViewer""Y20190822-0900S4_13_0_M3I20190821-1800I20190821-0600I20190820-1800Lars Vogel1-10/+2
4 daysBug 550211 - Revert "Remove try catch block in StructuredViewer"Lars Vogel1-2/+10
5 daysBug 549898 - workaround for legacy actions sets init for CPDI20190820-0855I20190820-0600I20190819-2355Andrey Loskutov5-7/+73
5 daysRemove try catch block in StructuredViewerLars Vogel1-10/+2
5 daysBug 549818 - Pop-up menus duplicate in workbench modelY20190819-0900Rolf Theunissen2-1/+45
5 daysBug 550148 - Use action orientated label for closing events dialogsLars Vogel1-0/+1
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