BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
JUnit4_incubator_bug153429JUnit4kmoir7 years
R3_5_maintenanceBackported fix for bug 278817 and bug 278831 to 3.5 maintenance.Dani Megert7 years
R3_6_maintenanceBackported bug 434791: [inline][quick assist] Delete key does not work after ...Dani Megert2 years
R3_7_maintenanceBackported bug 434791: [inline][quick assist] Delete key does not work after ...Dani Megert2 years
R3_8_maintenanceIncreased bundle version for 3.8.2+ fixesDani Megert2 years
R4_3_maintenanceIncreased bundle version for 4.3.2+ fixesDani Megert2 years
R4_4_maintenanceIncreased bundle version for 4.4.2 fixesDani Megert2 years
R4_5_maintenanceFixed bug 478688: Update parent pom to 4.5.2Dani Megert13 months
R4_6_maintenanceBug 502554: Update parent pom to 4.6.2Markus Keller2 weeks
masterBug 505940 - NPE on overview ruler on editor for IFileRevision on plainAndrey Loskutov8 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I20161018-0800.tar.gz  I20161018-0800.tar.xz  Dani Megert6 days  Y20161018-1100.tar.gz  Y20161018-1100.tar.xz  Dani Megert6 days  Y20161020-1000.tar.gz  Y20161020-1000.tar.xz  Dani Megert6 days  Y20161013-1000.tar.gz  Y20161013-1000.tar.xz  Mickael Istria7 days  I20161011-0800.tar.gz  I20161011-0800.tar.xz  Mickael Istria9 days  I20161004-1000.tar.gz  I20161004-1000.tar.xz  Mickael Istria2 weeks  I20161005-0815.tar.gz  I20161005-0815.tar.xz  Mickael Istria2 weeks  I20161005-1045.tar.gz  I20161005-1045.tar.xz  Mickael Istria2 weeks  I20161005-1430.tar.gz  I20161005-1430.tar.xz  Mickael Istria2 weeks  Y20161006-1000.tar.gz  Y20161006-1000.tar.xz  Mickael Istria2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursBug 505940 - NPE on overview ruler on editor for IFileRevision on plainHEADmasterrefs/changes/83/83583/2Andrey Loskutov2-2/+5
6 daysFixed bug 505958: [implementation] org.eclipse.jface.text.TextUtilities.getDe...Y20161020-1000Y20161018-1100I20161018-0800Dani Megert1-5/+7
6 daysBug 502837 - ext point allow binding existing editor and content-typerefs/changes/57/83157/2Mickael Istria1-0/+7
6 daysRevert "Bug 492202 - Zoom In/Out on block selection"refs/changes/84/83184/1Dani Megert1-1/+16
7 daysBug 492202 - Zoom In/Out on block selectionrefs/changes/87/83087/2Mickael Istria1-16/+1
7 daysBug 505842 - [generic editor] Test failure in HoverTest.testHoverY20161013-1000refs/changes/89/83089/2Mickael Istria2-11/+21
9 daysBug 503332 - Show pop-up for problems on text on Generic Editorrefs/changes/01/82901/4Mickael Istria3-7/+115
9 daysBug 496300 - Support contribution of multiple Hovers to Generic Editorrefs/changes/61/82861/4Mickael Istria6-16/+250
9 daysBug 505447 - [generic editor] Make sure all files have copyright noticeI20161011-0800refs/changes/02/82902/1Mickael Istria1-0/+10
10 daysBug 505632 - Generic Editor should support completion trigger charactersrefs/changes/35/82835/1Mickael Istria2-2/+33
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