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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-02-26preview for preference pagev20020226Andre Weinand8-68/+821
2002-02-25#7681: Structured results expands import statementsAndre Weinand1-1/+5
2002-02-15added red exlamation mark for non-matchesAndre Weinand1-9/+47
2002-02-15#9532: Compare with patch: next disabled although clipboard specifiedAndre Weinand1-4/+13
2002-02-15#9540: Compare with patch: it should not be possible to check items that coul...Andre Weinand7-65/+114
2002-02-13Patch: added markers for rejected patchesAndre Weinand2-6/+8
2002-02-12disabled automatic structure comparev20020212Andre Weinand2-13/+26
2002-02-12NLS work, patch: #6346v20020212-tmp1Andre Weinand22-196/+924
2002-02-08patch improvementsAndre Weinand9-62/+272
2002-02-08Fixed bug 8801: remove the basic icons from our pluginsDani Megert1-6/+1
2002-02-06NPE when closing synchronize viewAndre Weinand2-3/+11
2002-02-06fix for NPE in StructureDiffViewer.contentsEqualAndre Weinand1-0/+2
2002-02-05updated release notesv20020205Andre Weinand1-6/+19
2002-01-31Accessability featuresAndre Weinand2-87/+10
2002-01-30Accessability featuresv20020130Andre Weinand8-193/+147
2002-01-29linked structured compare to content compare in 'Compare from Local History'Andre Weinand1-1/+19
2002-01-29small fix for a NPEv20020129Andre Weinand2-7/+27
2002-01-29support for #8574Andre Weinand4-20/+65
2002-01-25#2854: save code path problematicAndre Weinand3-5/+14
2002-01-25#6271, #2519, #8363, #2501Andre Weinand6-21/+101
2002-01-23#8089v20020123Andre Weinand3-48/+14
2002-01-23temp releases - don't usev20020123-tmpAndre Weinand1-6/+6
2002-01-23#2519: next/prev arrows active when only one difference in compare (1GFIQX3)Andre Weinand1-6/+31
2002-01-226721: Can't tell which file is which in Compare browserAndre Weinand1-7/+16
2002-01-22fixed inconsistency in BinaryCompareViewerv20020122Andre Weinand1-7/+18
2002-01-222773: Java structure compare should give better indication when no changes (1...Andre Weinand6-32/+141
2002-01-21#7821: Team 2.0 CVS synchronze bug <no-name> dirs..Andre Weinand3-10/+14
2002-01-18#6177: Double click action dangerous in 'Restore from Local History'Andre Weinand1-8/+8
2002-01-18#3859: replace from history does not work for elements with errorAndre Weinand3-31/+49
2002-01-14#7048, #2548, #2938Andre Weinand2-22/+14
2002-01-11optionally flipping sides in DiffNode.getNameAndre Weinand2-6/+21
2002-01-11fixed some scrolling/revealing problemsAndre Weinand5-34/+41
2002-01-11replaced removeStructureViewerAlias with removeAllStructureViewerAliasesmhuebscher2-8/+10
2002-01-09small fixes to accommodate the XML CompareAndre Weinand1-25/+37
2002-01-08Replace with previousAndre Weinand23-163/+626
2001-12-11Made Compare/Replace with History text editor buffer awareAndre Weinand3-29/+87
2001-12-11fixed some NLS problemsv20011211Andre Weinand1-1/+51
2001-12-11fixed some NLS problemsAndre Weinand11-50/+52
2001-11-29#4381: Replace from local histroy - workspace element includedAndre Weinand5-63/+112
2001-11-27#5238 Compare fails if takes more than 20 secondsv20011127Andre Weinand1-1/+1
2001-11-27#5238 Compare fails if takes more than 20 secondsAndre Weinand8-81/+652
2001-11-19corrected commentAndre Weinand1-1/+1
2001-11-12rejected hunk support; #5723v0_210Andre Weinand7-28/+77
2001-11-09More Patch Wizard UIAndre Weinand5-999/+299
2001-11-07More Patch Wizard UIAndre Weinand24-555/+1678
2001-11-07Improved single quote usageDani Megert1-1/+1
2001-10-31added "strip leading directories" optionAndre Weinand8-111/+254
2001-10-30added useful impl. for ContentMergeViewer.refreshAndre Weinand3-30/+16
2001-10-30#5334, #5150Andre Weinand3-12/+33
2001-10-11second cut of patchv0_204Andre Weinand11-27/+78

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