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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-04-1013413: Disconnecting projects leaves a task for each fileMichael Valenta1-3/+6
2002-04-1013228: Warning to delete vcm_meta is dangerousMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2002-04-1013219" NPE on CVS Property PageMichael Valenta2-12/+25
2002-04-1011948: ClassCastException when sorting in Compare with revision editorjames1-1/+1
2002-04-1013092: Compression level settings are confusingjames1-2/+2
2002-04-1013094: Tag dialog problemsjames1-3/+3
2002-04-10moved classes to this internal package: Michel-Lemieux223-702/+648
2002-04-09*** empty log message ***I20020409Michael Valenta1-2/+15
2002-04-09Patch for cancellationMichael Valenta8-231/+398
2002-04-09Patch for GZIPMichael Valenta1-1/+0
2002-04-09Updated bulid notes for 0409james2-411/+471
2002-04-09*** empty log message ***Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2002-04-09 Weinand8-42/+158
2002-04-09Add "Compare With Base" action for foldersjames3-0/+94
2002-04-09Fixed my f-up in sendModified.Jean Michel-Lemieux2-6/+12
2002-04-0913039: CVSRemoteFile getContents()/getLogEntry() combination is not feasibleMichael Valenta5-42/+60
2002-04-09Removed invalid reference to DUMMY_DATE.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+0
2002-04-08Removed bad import statement.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-4/+0
2002-04-08Comment change on getTimeStamp()Jean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+3
2002-04-08ResourceSync code review - hide added and date members.Jean Michel-Lemieux6-25/+35
2002-04-08Bug 12149: Merge wizard: start and end tags should not be allowed to be the sameJean Michel-Lemieux3-3/+17
2002-04-08Bug 11419: Automatically add version to repo view when taggingJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+7
2002-04-08First pass of new tag configuration dialog and workflowsJean Michel-Lemieux53-793/+2184
2002-04-08257: Wishlist: hoverhelp on resource in sync view shows release comment (1GKD...james1-74/+29
2002-04-08Added preferences for CVS compression levels.Jean Michel-Lemieux4-1/+29
2002-04-08- improved handling of '.project' in EclipseFile.setContents() to avoidJean Michel-Lemieux17-464/+1563
2002-04-08timestamps from filesystem precision changed to the second.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-20/+21
2002-04-08*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta4-7/+69
2002-04-08257: Wishlist: hoverhelp on resource in sync view shows release comment (1GKD...james1-3/+54
2002-04-08Fixed backgroundcolor issuesAndre Weinand10-28/+536
2002-04-08First batch of M5 fixesAndre Weinand30-212/+1468
2002-04-08Added code to failed folder deletion statusMichael Valenta2-1/+2
2002-04-08257: Wishlist: hoverhelp on resource in sync view shows release comment (1GKD...james1-0/+46
2002-04-0810456: Replace with Tag no progress and should use checkoutMichael Valenta6-63/+99
2002-04-089734: Team2 (i0212): bug when using CVSNT greater then Valenta2-3/+3
2002-04-08Fix copyrightjames1-1/+1
2002-04-0812065: Error on "Change Tag" acts fatal when shouldn't beMichael Valenta1-37/+28
2002-04-08Signal fail for folders that are not deletedMichael Valenta2-21/+7
2002-04-07Default keyword mode set to -koJean Michel-Lemieux2-2/+2
2002-04-07Welcome page support for team cvs:Jean Michel-Lemieux3-443/+586
2002-04-07Test updating for default keyword mode change to -koJean Michel-Lemieux1-4/+3
2002-04-07Remove stale codejames1-1/+0
2002-04-06270: Could have user name in Synchronize view (1GKX9QX)root_newTagConfigurationjames2-3/+13
2002-04-069734: Team2 (i0212): bug when using CVSNT greater then Valenta3-2/+143
2002-04-055072: VCM should have 2 perspectivesjames4-19/+82
2002-04-05NLS fixesMichael Valenta7-38/+34
2002-04-05NLS fixesMichael Valenta14-129/+140
2002-04-058504: Tags not showing up in history.Michael Valenta1-14/+17
2002-04-0512230: Compare view: doesn't give revision infojames2-11/+69
2002-04-05Added message for SocketExceptionMichael Valenta1-0/+1

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