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-<meta NAME="keywords" content="">
-<meta NAME="since" content="">
-<p>Since: <br>
-Last Modified: $Date: 2004/06/01 15:24:23 $</p>
-<h3>Making Manual Changes</h3>
-<p>Create a conflicting file change. Manually edit the left source pane in
- the sync view. Hit "Save" on the popup menu. The file should remain a Conflict. Choose
- Mark as Merged in the popup menu of the tree. The file should change to
-an outgoing change. Commit the outgoing change.</p>
-<h3>Merging Conflicts</h3>
-<p>Try Override and Update with different combinations of Auto-Mergeable
-and Non-Mergeable conflicts in the selection. If all conflicts are Non-Mergeable,
- then the only choice is to replace with remote or cancel. If one or more
-conflicts are Auto-Mergeable, the choices are (a) Auto-Merge any applicable
-files, and replace the rest with remote, (b) Replace all files with remote
-or (c) Cancel.</p>
-<h3>Removing from View</h3>
-<p>Choose Remove from View. Selected nodes should disappear. Refresh the
-view. The nodes should reappear.</p>
-<h3>Working with Branches</h3>
-<p>Try any and all of the above, but use a branch instead of HEAD. Behaviour
- should be identical. The sync view decorator should show you the name of
-the branch.</p>
-<h3>Using Mixed Tags</h3>
-<p>Using Team-&gt;Branch, Replace With-&gt;Branch or Version, and Team-&gt;Tag
- as Version, you can create a project which has different tags mixed into
-it. For example, one folder may be shared as V2_0, a single file may be attached
- to the branch NEW_FEATURE_BRANCH, and the root of the project may be attached
- to HEAD. We need to test usage of these projects in the sync view. For example,
- if developer 1 has project P shared with HEAD, and folder P/F is shared
-with branch B, have developer 2 release a change to folder F in HEAD, and
-have developer 1 perform a sync. In this case developer 1 should not see
-the incoming change.</p>
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