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-<html><head><title>Commit Sets Layout</title>
-<LINK REL=STYLESHEET HREF=../book.css CHARSET=ISO-8859-1 TYPE=text/css>
-<meta NAME="keywords" content="">
-<meta NAME="since" content="">
-</head><body><h2>Commit Sets Layout</h2>
-<p>Since: 3.1 M2<br>
-Last Modified: $Date: 2004/09/21 18:59:41 $</p>
-<h3>Commit Sets for incoming changes</h3>
-To perform these scenarios you will need to get one or more projects
-in your workspace that have many incoming changes. Perferably
-all the changes will have commit comments and some files will share
-a comment. Once you have this setup, you can perform the following sub-scenarios.
-<h4>Enabling/disabling Commit Sets</h4>
-<li>Synchronize the projects with HEAD, enable commit set mode and
-ensure that the files appear in the proper commit sets. Also ensure that
-the proper sub-layout is used by expanding some of the nodes in the tree.
-<li>With some nodes expanded and additionally one or more selected,
-disable Commit Sets. The same nodes should remain expanded and selected.
-<li>With the same nodes selected and expanded, re-enable commit sets.
-The expansion should remain. There may be more expanded if the same
-expanded project or folder appears in multiple commit sets. The selection
-will remain unless there are two entries for the same resource (i.e. if a project
-was selected and it apears in multiple sets, it will no longer be expanded).
-You should also confirm that markers and conflicts are properly propogated to
-parent nodes.
-<h4>Commit Set Layouts</h4>
-Now try the various sub-layouts (Flat, Tree and Compressed) and ensure that switching
-is performant and that the resulting tree nodes are correct.
-<h4>Commit Set Modes</h4>
-<li>Switch between the various modes and ensure that the displayed nodes are correct.
-Also ensure that expansion and seleciton is maintained.
-<li>Add a conflict and repeat the above, ensuring the results are correct.
-Note that a conflict will appear twice in each mode, once within an incoming
-commit set and once within the outgoing commit set (more on this below).
-With several nodes expanded, perform an update on one or more files
-that are incoming changes.
-Ensure that the updated files are removed from the view and that
-other expanded nodes remain expanded.
-<h3>Outgoing Commit Sets</h3>
-The following aspects of outgoing commit sets should be tested.
-<li>Modified files can be added to a new or existing commit set. Ensure that
-when they are added, he file remains visible in the Sync view.
-<li>Files in a commit set can be transfered to another commit set
-<li>If there is a default commit set, any modified file that is not already
-part of a commit set is placed in the default set. Files that are already
-in a set should stay in that set if more changes are made to the files.
-<li>The title and comment of a commit set can be changed.
-<li>Layout and modes changes work properly for outgoing commit sets in the
-Synchronize view.
-<li>Commiting one or more files in a commit set will result in a commit
-dialog that is primed with the comment from the set.
-<li>Commit sets (including which is the default), are preserved accross restarts.
-</body></html> \ No newline at end of file

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