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-<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
- <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
- <title>Structural Compare for Key/Value Pairs</title>
-<h2>Compare Example - Structural Compare for Key/Value Pairs</h2>
-This example demonstrates how to support structural compare for
-files consisting of key/value pairs. It shows how to implement and register a
-custom structure creator that parses key/value pairs into a tree structure
-that is used as the input to the structural compare framework provided by the
-Compare plugin. In addition, it registers a standard text viewer for the individual
-key/value pairs.
-This example is only for demonstration purposes. Structural compare support
-for Java property files (another key/value format) is provided by the Eclipse Java Tooling.
-<h3> Running the example</h3>
- <li>Create a project (not necessarily a Java project)</li>
- <li>Create a key/value pair file f1.kv</li>
- <li>Open <strong>Window</strong> &gt; <strong>Preferences</strong> &gt; <strong>Workbench</strong> &gt; <strong>File Association</strong>
- and associate the default text editor with the file extension "kv"</li>
- <li>Open f1.kv with the editor and enter this contents
- <pre>
- <li>Make a copy of this file and rename it f2.kv</li>
- <li>Open f2.kv and change the firstname "John" to "Mary"</li>
- <li>Add another key/value pair "country=US" to f2.kv</li>
- <li>Select both files f1.kv and f2.kv</li>
- <li>From the context menu select <strong>Compare With</strong> &gt; <strong>Each Other</strong></li>
- <li>A new compare editor opens that shows the structural differences of both files in its
- top pane. Selecting one of the properties "firstname" or "country" feeds the text of the
- corresponding key/value pair into the standard text compare viewer in the bottom pane.
- </li>
-<h3>Code organization of the example</h3>
-The example code is organized in a single package <tt></tt>:
- <li><tt>KeyValuePairStructureCreator</tt><br>
- is the structure creator that parses the contents of a stream into a tree of
- <tt>IStructureComparator</tt>s.
- </li>
- <li><tt>TextMergeViewerCreator</tt><br>
- is a factory for TextMergeViewers. It is registered for the type "kvtxt" which is the
- type of an individual key/value pair.
- </li>
- <li><tt>Util</tt><br>
- provides utility methods for NLS support and for reading an InputStream as a String.
- </li>
-<p><a href="hglegal.htm"><img SRC="ngibmcpy.gif" ALT="Copyright IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2003. All Rights Reserved." BORDER=0 height=14 width=324></a></p>

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