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- <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
-Application programming interfaces for accessing and managing resource variants.
-<h2>Package Specification</h2>
-<p>This package specifies the API for accessing and managing variants for local
- workspace resources. The classes in this package can be used by Subscribers
- (see the package) or others. The classes are
- roughly divided into three categories: <br>
-<h3>Access to Resource Variants</h3>
-<p>The following interfaces define the API required for subscribers to access
- and manage variants of local resources.</p>
- <li>IResourceVariant: provides access to information about a variant resource,
- such as it's name, its type (file or container) and its contents.</li>
- <li>IResourceVariantComparator: supports the comparison of a local resource
- with a variant or the comparison of two variants (if three-way comparison
- is supported).</li>
- <li>IResourceVariantTree: provides access to a tree of locally cached resource
- variants along with API to refresh the cached variants.</li>
-<h3>Implementing Resource Variants</h3>
-<p>Several classes are available that provide partial, extandable implementations
- of the above mentioned interfaces.</p>
- <li>CachedResourceVariant: an IResourceVariant implementation that supports
- the caching of the contents of the variant. Subclasses must override to provide
- fecthing of contents.</li>
- <li>AbstractResourceVariantTree: an IResourceVariantTree that contains logic
- for performing a refresh of the cached resource variants. The caching mechanism
- is delegated to subclasses as is the fetching of the resource variants.
- <ul>
- <li>ResourceVariantTree: An AbstractResourceVariantTree that uses a ResourceVariantByteStore
- to cache the resource variants. Subclasses must still provide the fecthing
- of the remote state.</li>
- </ul>
- </li>
- <li>ResourceVariantByteStore: An abstract class that defines the API required
- for caching resource variants as byte arrays.
- <ul>
- <li>PersistantResourceVariantByteStore: a ResourceVariantByteStore that
- persists the bytes accross workbench invocations.</li>
- <li>SessionResourceVariantByteStore: a ResourceVariantByteStore that caches
- the bytes in a session store and does not persist them.</li>
- </ul>
- </li>
-<h3>Implementing Subscribers</h3>
-<p>This package also contains two partial subscriber implementations.</p>
- <li>ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber: a subscriber that makes use of IResourceVariantTree
- objects to provide the traversal and refresh of the base and remote trees.</li>
- <li>ThreeWaySubscriber: a ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber that is build on top
- of the following classes.
- <ul>
- <li>ThreeWaySynchronizer: a byte store that maintains the complete synchronization
- state (local, base and remote) required by a subscriber. It provides API
- to access and set the base and remote bytes corresponding to resource
- variants as well as change notification to registered ISynchronizerChangeListener
- instances. </li>
- <li>ThreeWayRemoteTree: A remote tree that uses the ThreeWaySynchronizer
- remote slot as its byte store. Subclasses of ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber
- must also subclass ThreeWayRemoteTree in order to provide the tree refresh
- behavior.</li>
- <li>ThreeWayResourceComparator: a IResourceVariantComparator that uses the
- state from a ThreeWaySynchronizer to compare local resources to their
- variants.</li>
- </ul>
- </li>

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