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- <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
-Application programming interfaces for managing synchronization state.
-<h2>Package Specification</h2>
-<p>This package specifies the API for managing the synchronization state between
- the local workspace resources and a corresponding variants of those resources.
- The classes in this package can be used by Subscribers (see the
- package) or others. The classes are roughly divided into three categories: </p>
- <li>describing the synchronization state of a one or more resources,</li>
- <li>notifying interested parties of changes in the synchronization state.</li>
- <li>filtering a set of resource based on a sync state criteria</li>
-<h3>Describing the synchronization state of resources</h3>
-<p>The following classes are provided to accumulate (and possibly filter) the
- synchronization state of one or more resources.</p>
- <li>SyncInfo: node which maps a local resource to a corresponding variant resource
- (and a base resource for three-way compare) and descibes the synchronization
- state of those resources (e.g. in-sync or incoming-change).</li>
- <li>SyncInfoSet: a set which contains the out-of-sync SyncInfo for multiple
- local resources.</li>
- <li>SyncInfoTree: a specialized set optimized for hierarchical resource based
- access (e.g. to obtain all out-of-sync children of a particular local resource).</li>
-<h3>Notifying interested parties of sync info set changes</h3>
-<p>Interested parties can register with a SyncInfoSet in order to
-receive notification when a set changes.</p>
- <li>ISyncInfoSetChangeListener: implementors of this interface can be
-registered with a SyncInfoSet in order to recieve notification when the
-contents of the set change.</li>
- <li>ISyncInfoSetChangeEvent: the type of the events generated by a
- <li>ISyncInfoTreeChangeEvent: specialized ISyncInfoSetChangeEvent
-generated by SyncInfoTree which includes notification of resource
-subtree aditions and removals.</li>
-<h3>Sync info filtering</h3>
-<p>There are also some additional classes provided to help manage
- <li>SyncInfoFilter: a filter that can be used to test SyncInfo. Long
-running tests are supported via an IProgressMonitor. SyncInfoSet has
-API for selecting and rejecting SyncInfo based on a provided filter.</li>
- <li>FastSyncInfoFilter: a specialized filter that does not support
-the ue of a progress monitor</li>
-<p>Several common filters are provided as inner classes of the two
-filter classes for doing synchronization state tests and filter
-compounding (and, or, not).</p>

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