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- <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
-Application programming interfaces for generating and refreshing
-synchronization state.
-<h2>Package Specification</h2>
-<p>This package specifies the API for Team subscribers. A Subscriber
-provides access to the synchronization state between the local
-workspace resources and a set of variants of those resources, whether
-it be a code repository or some other type of server (e.g. FTP). A
-subscriber is typically associated with only a subset of the resources
-in the local workspace, referred to as the set of resources the
-subscriber supervises. The supervised local resources have a
-corresponding variant state which describes the state of the remote
-resources that correspond to the local resources.</p>
-<p>A Subscriber provides:</p>
- <li>a set of root resources that define the subset of resources in
-the workspace that the subscriber supervises (some children of the
-roots may not be supervised, as indicated by the isSupervised method).</li>
- <li>access to the synchronization state (using SyncInfo) between the
-resources it supervises and their corresponding variant resources.</li>
- <li> the ability to refresh the the remote state</li>
- <li>change notification to registered listeners (of type
-ISubscriberChangeListener) when the variant state changes or when roots
-are added or removed.</li>
-<h3>Implementing a Subscriber </h3>
-<p>An implementation of a subscriber must provide:
- <li>a subclass of Subcriber which maintains the synchronization state
-between its local resources and their corresponding variants.</li>
- <li>an implemenation of which provides access to the
-contents and other state of a variant resource that corresponds to a
-local resource</li>
- <li>an implementation of which is used by to determine the synchronization state of a resource.</li>
-Optionally, a subscriber may provide a subclass of in order to
-customize the algorithm used to
-determine the synchronization state of a resource.

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