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- <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
-Provides support for performing structural and textual
-compare operations on arbitrary data and displaying the results.
-Package Specification</h2>
-The class <b>CompareUI</b> defines the entry point to initiate a configurable
-compare operation on arbitrary resources. The result of the compare is
-opened into a compare editor where the details can be browsed and edited
-in dynamically selected structure and content viewers.
-A compare operation must be implemented as a subclass of <b>CompareEditorInput</b>.
-A <b>CompareEditorInput</b> runs a (potentially lengthy) compare operation
-under progress monitor control, creates a UI for drilling-down into the
-compare results, tracks the dirty state of the result in case of merge,
-and saves any changes that occured during a merge.
-The <b>NavigationAction</b> is used to navigate (step) through the individual
-differences of a <b>CompareEditorInput</b>.
-An instance of <b>CompareConfiguration</b> configures various UI aspects
-of compare/merge viewers like title labels and images, or whether a side
-of a merge viewer is editable. It is passed to the <b>CompareEditorInput</b>
-on creation.
-When implementing a hierarchical compare operation as a subclass of
-<b>CompareEditorInput</b> clients have to provide a tree of objects where each
-node implements the interface
-This interface is used by the hierarchical differencing engine
-(<b></b>) to walk the tree.
-In addition every leaf of the tree must implement the <b>IStreamContentAccessor</b>
-or <b>IEncodedStreamContentAccessor</b>
-interfaces in order to give the differencing engine access to its stream content
-and to its encoding (with IEncodedStreamContentAccessor).
-The abstract class <b>BufferedContent</b> provides a default implementation
-for the <b>IStreamContentAccessor</b> and <b>IContentChangeNotifier</b> interfaces.
-Its subclass <b>ResourceNode</b> adds an implementation for the
-<b>IStructureComparator</b> and <b>ITypedElement</b> interfaces
-based on Eclipse workbench resources (org.eclipse.core.resources.IResource).
-It can be used without modification as the input to the differencing engine.
-The <b>ZipFileStructureCreator</b> is an implementation of the
-<b></b> interface
-and makes the contents of a zip archive available as a
-hierarchical structure of <b>IStructureComparator</b>s which can be easily compared
-by the differencing engine (<b></b>).
-It is a good example for how to make structured files available to the hierarchical
-compare functionality of the Compare plugin.
-The <b>EditionSelectionDialog</b> is a simple selection dialog where
-one input element can be compared against a list of historic variants (<i>editions</i>)
-of the same input element. The dialog can be used to implement functions
-like <i>"Replace with Version"</i> or <i>"Replace with Edition"</i> on workbench resources.
-In addition it is possible to specify a subsection of the input element
-(e.g. a method in a Java source file) by means of a <i>path</i>. In this
-case the dialog compares only the subsection (as specified by the path)
-with the corresponding subsection in the list of editions. This functionality
-can be used to implement <i>"Replace with Method Edition"</i> for the Java
-The <b>EditionSelectionDialog</b> requires that the editions implement
-the <b>IStreamContentAccessor</b> and <b>IModificationDate</b> interfaces.
-The <b>HistoryItem</b> is a convenience class that implements these interfaces
-for <b>IFileState</b> objects.
-The <b>CompareViewerPane</b> is a convenience class which provides
-a label and local toolbar for a compare viewer (or any other subclass of a
-JFace <b>Viewer</b>).
-Its abstract subclass <b>CompareViewerSwitchingPane</b> supports <i>dynamic
-viewer switching</i>, that is the viewer installed in the pane is dynamically
-determined by the pane's input object.
-Both classes are useful if you want to use compare viewers outside the context of
-a compare editor, for example in a dialog or wizard.
-A <b>Splitter</b> is an extension of a SashForm that supports nesting, maximizing of panes,
-and propagating the visibility state of panes.
-The interface <b>IStreamMerger</b> defines a single operation for performing a three-way merge on three
-input streams. The merged result is written to an output stream.
-Clients must implement this interface when contributing new mergers to the
-<code></code> extension point.
-New <b>IStreamMerger</b>s can be created for registered types with the createStreamMerger methods of CompareUI.

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