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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/bundles/ b/bundles/
index 75a25af31..117728ef6 100644
--- a/bundles/
+++ b/bundles/
@@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.noRepositoryFile=No repository file
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.repositoryFile=Repository file: {0}
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.repositoryFileRevision=Repository file: {0} {1} [{2}]
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.workspaceFile=Workspace file: {0}
-CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.showInHistory=Show in Resource History
+CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.showInHistory=Show in &Resource History
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.fileDecoration={0} ({1})
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.folderDecoration={0} {1}
-CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.confirmMerge=C&onfirm Merge
+CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.confirmMerge=&Mark as Merged
CVSCatchupReleaseViewer.addAction=&Add to Version Control
@@ -194,10 +194,8 @@ CVSRepositoryLocationPropertySource.root=Root
CVSRepositoryLocationPropertySource.method=Connection Method
-CVSSyncCompareInput.confirmMergeMessage=Your changes have been saved. You can continue merging the file \
- and saving the changes. When when you are finished \
- select it from the Structure Compare and select 'Confirm Merge' to make this \
- file an outgoing change.
+CVSSyncCompareInput.confirmMergeMessage=Your changes have been saved. When when you are finished, \
+ select 'Mark as Merged' to make this file an outgoing change.
CVSUIPlugin.refreshTitle=Refresh Resource?
CVSUIPlugin.refreshQuestion={0} Would you like to refresh resource ''{1}''?

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