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2019-01-29Bug 459789 - [Mac] Window title bar should be dark when Eclipse is inLakshmi Priya Shanmugam6-0/+112
dark theme Use NSWindow.appearance to set the the title bar to dark or light. Added a new setTheme method that will send the appAppearanceChanged custom message and set the appearance of the window to either Dark or Light. It'll be called from Platform UI code whenever there is a theme change.
2019-01-28Bug 543912: [GTK4] Adapt to GdkCursor API changesEric Williams10-65/+154
Replace GdkCursor functions from GTK3 with proper named cursors in GTK4. Change-Id: I49297d74d10159b700df0033f37ff8d913a12f89 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-28Bug 543276: [GTK4] Adapt to new GtkBox API and box related removalsEric Williams1-8/+19
Fix up Label to use a regular GtkBox and not GtkEventBox on GTK4. Change-Id: I186e2c080c7d836fa9a14a54716dd3b90cebd75e Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-25Bug 540675 - [GTK4] Adapt to sizing machinery changesXi Yan3-2/+11
Add gtk_widget_measure to os.h, add parameters. Change-Id: I1664b6f0c6de42c996ea1d903d750293c3b9b23f Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>
2019-01-25Bug 543806: [GTK4] Remove style property accessorsEric Williams10-23/+23
Disable gtk_widget_get_style() calls on GTK4 until proper replacements have been found. Change-Id: I06414d09e7b1379a3a34a1c988b78a129f2a0f37 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-25Bug 54147: [GTK4] Replace GtkCellRendererClass render method withEric Williams4-28/+72
snapshot Enable custom Tree/Table drawing by porting GtkCellRendererClass to use the proper GTK4 "snapshot" vfunc. Change-Id: Ia5a673be98010c60bf64f63c96185abe076216c2 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-25Bug 540675 - [GTK4] Adapt to sizing machinery changesXi Yan5-2/+46
Replace gtK_widget_get_preferred_height_for_width/width_for_height with gtk_widget_measure for GTK4. Change-Id: If5133b5a17200d3e3f9b7f8bf234dfdbc3d0f21a Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>
2019-01-24Bug 540674: [GTK4] Adapt to new drawing model changesEric Williams3-7/+20
Get basic Shell drawing to work -- see Snippet245 as an example. Change-Id: Ie326129db90b1982fdcaa4f060e1562bb75499c3 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-24Remove ancient readme in Kurtakov5-17/+4
It has been part of the regular update site produced by every build for years. Change-Id: I1374fceb910ae368b2bdd79e2d3daa2d3b61a192 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-01-23Bug 540841: [GTK4] Rename GdkWindow to GdkSurfaceEric Williams6-13/+26
Don't use gdk_get_default_root_window() on GTK4. Change-Id: I45b7909c674df15cbb6d225264b0ee65b1893284 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-23Bug 541205 - [GTK4] Replace deprecated style-set signalXi Yan7-18/+18
Replace style-set with style-updated for GTK3.0+. Tested with child eclipse, ControlExample, GraphicsExample. Change-Id: I570137c4529b625a56a47dee61e8c96d3501e957 Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>
2019-01-23Bug 539524: [GTK3.24] Port event handling to GtkEventControllerEric Williams13-33/+240
Port motion (enter/leave/motion) and scroll events to GTK4. Change-Id: I20f80c93aed61c06e0b597564fb73f62d0b00e0b Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-22Bug 541650: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams7-19/+91
Handle GdkEventCrossing cases. Change-Id: I4ec60d2dcc7e84575b09b65e010d660b6dcd795e Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-21Bug 541650: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams11-192/+58
Handle GdkEventScroll cases. Change-Id: I04f4d377fda7f719d00691e349f00e385c8b3f18 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-21Disable failing test on WaylandEric Williams1-22/+25
Change-Id: I7d0340a5694f7a72bb89a4a19f3411d8eda952b9 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-21Bug 409572 - [Win32] Combobox's text is shown partially + caret goes out of viewAlexandr Miloslavskiy1-0/+23
Change-Id: Ib86169831c0b81a624959e7254fb000c8dc0ed57 Signed-off-by: Alexandr Miloslavskiy <>
2019-01-21Bug 543644: Device#getScreenDPI(): division by zero leads to very highEric Williams1-0/+1
DPI Return the default DPI if the width of the monitor is 0. Change-Id: I204ea604f646087704823f3f574580c31150dd03 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-18Bug 54165: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams5-46/+104
Handle GdkEventMotion cases. Change-Id: Idd7c478a18c4f2ea88c29dfc357291b46cb29553 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-17Bug 542940 - Method setEditor of class TreeEditor raises javaXi Yan2-0/+98
nullException Calling gtk_widget_show and then gtk_widget_hide in Control#setBounds from TreeEditor.setEditor causes display to be null. The workaround is to force Text to be visible on initialization so that we do not need to force show/hide in order to set bound for the TreeEditor text. See similar fix for Button in Bug 533469. Tested with attached snippet, Bug533469_GhostButton, Bug497705_setBoundsAfterSetVisible. Change-Id: I9fe8cfb63358608700246d9a6c9355b53169045d Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>
2019-01-17Bug 539524: [GTK3.24] Port event handling to GtkEventControllerEric Williams11-12/+227
Port key and focus event controllers to GTK4. Change-Id: Ib44737cd24de1639d4a098e5940fb28e8c404f62 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-17Bug 539706: [GTK3] Replace deprecated gdk_flush()Eric Williams7-38/+0
Remove gdk_flush() as it can cause crashes. This function was already removed on GTK4, and AFAICT it is not needed on GTK3. Change-Id: I306cd3ad4336f719628242f717d653e04afbda82 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-17Bug 541650: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams22-220/+387
Shift away from memmove() approach of manually copying GdkEventKey structs and use gdk_event_get_*() functions to get fields. Only some small corner cases remain on GTK3 where memmove() is needed. Change-Id: I79ef622a75aa983f9ef3e87b32c7a7770477bfff Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-17Bug 543222 - [GTK3] JVM crash in with Java frames:Alexander Kurtakov1-5/+1
org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.GDK._gdk_flush()V+0 on OpenJDK on Fedora 28 Manually calling gdk_flush shouldn't be needed. Especially twice. Change-Id: Ifaaeb1b4ca2c4359f1fa457d32ed05df82e82f24 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-01-15Bug 541650: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams1-28/+2
Clean up ToolItem cases which do nothing. Change-Id: Ib3643c58ba0a3b2cb25d2abc5fa8ecefbdecc618 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-14Bug 541650: [GTK4] GdkEvents are private and can no longer be createdEric Williams26-415/+588
Handle GdkEventButton memmoves as well as some others. Stop using gdk_event_free() for results of gtk_get_current_event(). Added missing accessor functions for GdkEvent* fields. Change-Id: I894b86593e15e901609399b7871bc2bf1f4e7bb3 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-11Bug 543245: [GTK3] org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.theme reports systemEric Williams1-1/+6
theme, not used one Set org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.theme to the proper theme name if the GTK_THEME environment variable is specified. Change-Id: I610450d56243960ddcc4cc146e0da16602182a17 Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
2019-01-11Bug 533728 - [GTK] Custom cursor without transparency not shownXi Yan2-0/+60
If ImageData does not have alpha, set alpha to -1 for opaque image. Change-Id: Ib025790fbd6141895b43dd9c6170f5e9594b8c11 Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>

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