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authorIan Pun2017-03-29 17:11:37 -0400
committerAlexander Kurtakov2017-03-30 02:19:13 -0400
commitb515cd1fa98fe02aacaf2d2e1a49b77ad4ed5aff (patch)
tree7a98a2d75f0a1094e2e69d0bfc0ed387e68fc38c /examples
parent05c474e792652676838f128012d02e3a70beed61 (diff)
Bug 514419 - [regression][GTK3] DND is broken in staging view
Fixed issue regarding DnD being broken in staging view. The issue was that the moment you left the tree path (outside of any elements), the drag detection call would not be called, and would return false. I adjusted it so that it would check using gtk_gesture_drag_get_start_point to see if the drag event started inside within the tree path, but continue to check for DnD detection using the starting x/y coordinates to check threshold. This will also improve overall performance as there will be less GTK calls needed, as the dragGesture needs to be active in order for any further gtk threshold calls are to be made. Tested on GTK2, GTK3.22, GTK3.14, GTK3.22 on wayland. Change-Id: Ie9a07af418e9eee987e3f02a8fc5f9044c18d0f7 Signed-off-by: Ian Pun <>
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