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authorFelipe Heidrich2003-09-10 11:48:55 -0400
committerFelipe Heidrich2003-09-10 11:48:55 -0400
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Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+SWT Build 2.1.2 - Wednesday September 10, 2003
+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>
+35826: GPs on exit
+<br>29765: BIDI: ToolTiptext do not have Right to left Reading order
+<br>29781: BIDI: Lack of leading and trailig styles for alignment of widget's contents.
+<br>29783: BIDI: drop-down list of rtl-oriented CCombo is displayed in the wrong place.
+<br>29784: BIDI: keyboard's left and right arrows change value of rtl-oriented Slider in the opposite direction.
+<br>29786: BIDI: keyborad's left and right arrows move focus between tabs of rtl-oriented CTabFolder in the opposite direction.
+<br>29787: BIDI: problem with keyboard's left and right arrows, when them used to expand or to collapse rtl-oriented TableTree.
+<br>29788: BIDI: rtl-oriented Tracker has wrong behavior.
+<br>30434: BIDI: StyledText to support RIGHT_TO_LEFT orientation
+<br>36270: BIDI: Some custom widgets can't be created with explicitly assigned orientation.
+<br>36276: BIDI: When UpDown control of rtl-oriented TabFolder is used for scrolling tabs, they are scrolled in the wrong direction.
+<br>36679: BIDI: PopupList can't be created with explicitly assigned orientation.
+<br>36684: BIDI: LTR-oriented MessageBox can't be created, if it's parent has RTL orientation.
+<br>37293: BIDI:GC.drawImage(0, ... draws at 1, ... when using RIGHT_TO_LEFT
+<br>37299: BIDI:Caret cheese when resizing RIGHT_TO_LEFT StyledText
+<br>37479: BIDI: Drop-down list of CCombo doesn't inherit it's orientation from CCombo.
+<br>37490: BIDI: text in the rtl-oriented Text control can't be aligned to the trailing edge of this control.
+<br>37498: BIDI: rtl-oriented TableCursor set next column instead of previos and vice versa, when it uses right and left arrow keys.
+<br>39032: StyledText - exception in autoscroll in bidi
+<br>39987: BIDI: MIRRORED bit can't be switched on in the style's bitmap of any SWT widget.
+<br>40019: BIDI: StyledText has problem with drawing of selection in both ltr and rtl orientation of this widget in the bidi locale.
+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
SWT Build 2.1.1 - Friday June 27, 2003

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