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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
BETA_JAVA7last BETA_JAVA7 version v20110728_BETA_JAVA7Markus Keller8 years
Bug_227835tag directorPascal Rapicault11 years
I20080415-1646p2Bug 227189 - Unable to install anything after upgrade to I20080414DJ Houghton11 years
I20111023-2000Tagged core.resources for Juno stream integration buildJohn Arthorne8 years
JUnit4_incubator_bug153429Bug 153429 JUnit4 in Eclipse Testing FrameworkKim Moir10 years
M3_35_perfBug 256349 rerun 3.5M3 with performance testsKim Moir11 years
M5_32_branchBug 128866 - M5: Behavior change when computing the ID of project naturesDJ Houghton13 years
M6a34patch from SzymonKim Moir11 years
M8_3_0patch for 63120Dorian Birsan15 years
OSGI_R4_3_Genericsupdate osgi Watson9 years
OSGI_R4_3_WiringChangestest build for osgi wiring api changes.Thomas Watson8 years
R2_0_1updated versions for patchSonia Dimitrov16 years
R2_1_maintenance*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed15 years
R35M4patchesfix to the publisherPascal Rapicault11 years
R37_M2aHEAD - recontribute for M2aOlivier Thomann9 years
R3_0_maintenance*** empty log message ***Jerome Lanneluc11 years
R3_1_maintenance*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed13 years
R3_2_1_patches*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed13 years
R3_2_maintenance*** empty log message ***Chris Goldthorpe9 years
R3_3_1_maintenancewindows 7 bugsSilenio Quarti10 years
R3_3_maintenanceDelete org.eclipse.osgi.framework.eventmgr from supplement for 3.3 maintenanc...Thomas Watson9 years
R3_4_0_maintenancev3448f for I20080618Duong Nguyen11 years
R3_4_1_maintenance_patches*** empty log message ***Darin Wright11 years
R3_4_bug_264338*** empty log message ***Darin Wright10 years
R3_4_maintenanceZRH build input for R3_4_maintenanceDeepak Azad8 years
R3_4_maintenance_patchesfix launcher locationKim Moir10 years
R3_5_1_maintenance_patches*** empty log message ***Chris Goldthorpe9 years
R3_5_1_maintenance_patches_Equinox'new version v3555a'Felipe Heidrich10 years
R3_5_maintenancepoint orbit map to archivekmoir7 years
R3_6_1_forfoundationupdate location of ecf bundlesKim Moir9 years
R3_6_1_maintenanceuse R3_6_1_maintenance_patches branchKim Moir9 years
R3_6_1_maintenance_patches*** empty log message ***DJ Houghton9 years
R3_6_2_Java7Updated SWT tag to 'v3659j'Niraj Modi5 years
R3_6_api_cleanupTag for build against merged HEAD.Curtis Windatt10 years
R3_6_maintenanceUpdated SWT tag to 'v3659j' in R3_6_maintenanceNiraj Modi5 years
R3_6_maintenance_Java7Bug 440470 - debugger source lookup is much slower than 4.3Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran5 years
R3_6_maintenance_patchesBackported fix for bug 111525: [Import/Export] Import file system doesn't in...Dani Megert9 years
R3_7_1_maintenance_patchesmove core.variables map entry to debug map + remove core-variables mapMike Rennie8 years
R3_7_maintenanceBackporting Bug 440470 - debugger source lookup is much slower than 4.3Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran5 years
R3_8_maintenanceFixed tagDani Megert5 years
R3_developmentReleng build auto tagging for I20120608-1200e4Builder-R47 years
R4_2_1_maintenance_patchesBug 390921 - InjectionException when using Context-MenuPaul Webster7 years
R4_2_2_maintenance_patches[releng] prep for patch buildsDavid Williams6 years
R4_2_maintenanceSWT contribution v4239mArun Thondapu3 years
RC1_32_branch135107 [Help] Allow users to use .html/.htm file extension for XHTML contentCurtis D'Entremont13 years
SSQ_build'new version v3554a'Felipe Heidrich10 years
accessibility_work_R3_6The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:Tomasz Zarna10 years
branch34M6aBug 224474 temp update wpf sdk and platform zip with old eclipse.iniKim Moir11 years
branch_I20101102-0800ZRH build input for I20101102-0800Deepak Azad9 years
bug305747Bug 305747 - 3.4 legacy org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.generator.EclipseGene...DJ Houghton9 years
david_williams/38IBuilds376217 - get 3.8 I builds working (beefed up readme.txt)David Williams7 years
fri_I20080422-0800update sat4j to stable and non-deleted urlKim Moir11 years
git_testsync with headKim Moir8 years
git_test_37xBug 349460 - Git Migration: need proof that we can build 3.7.1 against GitKim Moir8 years
icu481testTesting 3.7 build with Webster9 years
integrationBug 375015 - update maps to get ant 1.8.3 from "downloads" instead years
masterupdated for "obsolete" repositoryDavid Williams5 years
p2integration*** empty log message ***Pascal Rapicault11 years
perf_213*** empty log message ***Jerome Lanneluc14 years
perf_30*** empty log message ***Sonia Dimitrov14 years
perf_301*** empty log message ***Sonia Dimitrov14 years
perf_31x*** empty log message ***Darin Wright13 years
perf_32xBug 229782 - Performance tests for ICU Collatorkhorne11 years
perf_33xBug 229782 - Performance tests for ICU Collatorkhorne11 years
perf_34x Bug 285680 No perfs results for perf_34x baseline since 06/12Kim Moir10 years
perf_35xContribution for perf_35 - Fix for 322325Satyam Kandula8 years
perf_36xBackport patch for bug 343242: CodeCompletionPerformanceTest#testApplicationW...Deepak Azad8 years
perf_37xfetch typo on patch from jdt core teamKim Moir8 years
pre_restructure*** empty log message ***wmelhem16 years
releng_testBug 183958 Source lost due to Orbit migrationKim Moir12 years
unlabeled- - Initial branch content based on v_570 (aka R3_1)Jerome Lanneluc14 years
v20090820_e4mergerevert for test build for SzymonKim Moir10 years
v33M4_patches*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed12 years
v33M5aReverting M5a fixBoris Bokowski12 years

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