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+Contributing to Eclipse Platform
+Thanks for your interest in this the Eclipse Platform.
+This particular repository, eclipse.platform.releng.maps, is
+no longer in active use. If you arrived here by casual browsing, fine.
+But if some wiki link lead you here, please report a bug so it can be fixed.
+If for what ever reason you think you do need a change here, please open
+a bug for that, being sure to explain what you are trying to accomplish -- there
+may be a new way, based on current code base.
+This project was "retired" during Kepler release, as we moved to the
+Tycho/Maven builds. Many of the scripts (and concepts) here were moved to
+the eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator project/repository ... in particular,
+many to the eclipse.platform.releng.tychoeclipsebuilder.
+The final version of this repository that was used to do a milestone build
+as tagged with R4_3_M5a. The final version to do the last PDE I-build,
+a few weeks after M5, was tagged with R4_3_FinalPDE. That would be the
+version to start with is the PDE Build was ever "restarted".
+See also retired 'org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder' project, which is closely related;
+tagged in similar ways, and retired at same time as this one.

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