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Contributing to Eclipse Platform

Thanks for your interest in this the Eclipse Platform.

This particular repository, eclipse.platform.releng.maps, is 
no longer in active use. If you arrived here by casual browsing, fine. 
But if some wiki link lead you here, please report a bug so it can be fixed. 


If for what ever reason you think you do need a change here, please open 
a bug for that, being sure to explain what you are trying to accomplish -- there 
may be a new way, based on current code base. 

This project was "retired" during Kepler release, as we moved to the
Tycho/Maven builds. Many of the scripts (and concepts) here were moved to 
the eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator project/repository ... in particular, 
many to the eclipse.platform.releng.tychoeclipsebuilder. 

The final version of this repository that was used to do a milestone build
as tagged with R4_3_M5a. The final version to do the last PDE I-build,
a few weeks after M5, was tagged with R4_3_FinalPDE. That would be the 
version to start with is the PDE Build was ever "restarted". 

See also retired 'org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder' project, which is closely related; 
tagged in similar ways, and retired at same time as this one. 

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