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diff --git a/production/testScripts/configuration/ b/production/testScripts/configuration/
deleted file mode 100644
index 9cdf9485..00000000
--- a/production/testScripts/configuration/
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,29 +0,0 @@
-# misc. build properties, varing by stream or release
-# fairly sure none of this is used any longer ... plan to remove file
-# once "releng tests" are restarted or investigated.
-# But, perhaps it could or should be used more effectively?
-# purely title or identifier for display, to help confirm right file
-# is being retrived and used.
-streamSpecificPropertiesTitle="Properties for 4.5.0 builds and tests"
- stableDirectorLocation=http://${DOWNLOAD_HOST}/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.4-201406061215
- # version here is "build label" ... in general form, the "middle" of archive name,
- # such as "eclipse-platform-${previousReleaseVersion}-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz
- # TODO: also used for update site, though? Need to sort out.
- previousReleaseVersion=4.4
-# Note: API tests needs the _base_ of previous release, and also the previous service release
-# Bug 378587 - update releng tests (data) to go work against previous release
-# Bug 380033 - temp fix to hard code '' for now
- apiTestsPreviousBaseDLBaseURL=http://${DOWNLOAD_HOST}/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.4-201406061215
- apiTestsPreviousRefererenceBaseDLBaseURL=http://${DOWNLOAD_HOST}/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.3.2-201402211700
-# Not currently used on tests?
-#Used to have a stable version of p2 director? (not currently used)
-# BUT SHOULD BE, for the 'director' that installs tests into the platform

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