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13 hoursBug 548557 - Warnings in I20190621-1800 for debug.uiHEADmasterSarika Sinha1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ifcada89b06f9c8a8ed16f8754a9dc347c476b052 Signed-off-by: Sarika Sinha <>
3 daysBug 548520 - Add right-click context-menu for Java environment var tabI20190623-1800Andrew Obuchowicz3-0/+93
Patch ready for review. Change-Id: Ie1d939bc0bf50ca58098785bb072de980c56fbb2 Signed-off-by: Andrew Obuchowicz <>
3 daysBug 548344 - Add inline editing support for environment variables tableI20190621-1800Andrew Obuchowicz3-81/+241
Applied requested changes. Patch ready for review. Change-Id: Idfce2e6549a6c13af2b96b8e8c9c37f762e58c51 Signed-off-by: Andrew Obuchowicz <>
3 daysLamba optimizationLars Vogel8-10/+9
Use method references if possible Remove unnecessary brackets Change-Id: I82c219171f7b3e459d4e2f70ae916d44d25fdc11 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
4 daysSmall String optimizationI20190620-1800Lars Vogel10-16/+16
Useless toString call in String concatenation Using String.valueOf instead of ""+ Use faster indexof('') version Change-Id: Iec383bd1b6af03a40af735f9ec878689caf4fb23 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
6 daysUse addAll, deleteAll instead of looping through a collectionI20190620-0130I20190619-1820I20190619-1800I20190618-1805Lars Vogel23-76/+45
Change-Id: I9c95900ed1b6e8823bb30c4ded37f214a92deffc Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
6 daysBug 446151 - Dead lock while startingI20190618-0225Sarika Sinha1-4/+9
Change-Id: I7030b4b58b88cd278add760ac18bf7beccaeee90 Signed-off-by: Sarika Sinha <>
7 daysRemoves redundant semicolonsLars Vogel3-4/+4
Change-Id: Ia156b94bd7a69b362d7ad272347e61e2fd7760bc Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
7 daysStringBuilder instead of StringBufferLars Vogel1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ife52e063a0baa0504b6549f25df4d170999f0498 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
10 daysBug 547304 - [cleanup] Fix wrong space/tab indentationI20190616-1800I20190615-1800I20190614-1800Paul Pazderski367-24687/+24687
This change fixes space or mixed tab/space indentations in all Java files. This also includes two or three space indentations and even fix most stray single spaces in indentations. The change includes only whitespace formatting and no code changes. Change-Id: I95f385f1587b72776aee5d955b66e82539dedc3c
11 daysUse StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer where possible.Carsten Hammer57-81/+82
Change-Id: I990721405fb7e486fc93ef2b22e56e81ed4a78c8 Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
11 daysReplace chain of ifs with switchI20190614-0330I20190613-1800Carsten Hammer5-57/+74
Sometimes if statements are chained and form a series of == comparisons against constants. Such situation is more readable if written using switch statement. Change-Id: I699710eb77cb7b84e34d32ec1460daab696c8591 Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
13 daysString.indexOf can be replaced with String.containsI20190613-0210I20190612-1800I20190612-0115Carsten Hammer4-4/+4
Change-Id: Ia3ff4eebc3799a8c1b8f6bbcddd200d08e1d966b Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
13 daysUse isEmpty() instead of size()==0 where possibleCarsten Hammer9-10/+10
Change-Id: Iba492570def0a381d0c4a06a5ad3b7c8c8a3419e Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
2019-05-18Bug 547304 - [cleanup] Fix wrong line delimitersS4_12_0_RC2S4_12_0_RC1aS4_12_0_RC1S4_12_0_M3R4_12I20190605-1800I20190605-0600I20190604-1800I20190604-0600I20190603-1800I20190603-0600I20190602-1800I20190602-0600I20190601-1800I20190531-1800I20190531-0245I20190529-2005I20190529-1800I20190529-0600I20190528-1800I20190528-0915I20190528-0850I20190528-0600I20190527-1805I20190527-0600I20190526-1800I20190526-0600I20190525-1800I20190525-0600I20190524-1800I20190524-0135I20190522-1800I20190522-0600I20190521-1800I20190521-0600I20190520-1805I20190520-0600I20190519-1800R4_12_maintenancePaul Pazderski15-956/+956
This updates all Java files with wrong or mixed line delimiters to use Unix style delimiters. The change includes only whitespace formatting and no code changes. Change-Id: I2b11370da258d1c5952a75647772e983e81db8d2
2019-05-14Bug 545769 - [console] UTF-8 content read or send to process can beI20190517-1800I20190516-1800Paul Pazderski1-14/+23
corrupted With some bad luck the ProcessConsole may disrupt multibyte UTF-8 characters read from input source (usually user input or file) due to incorrect stream reading / buffer handling. The same problem exist for reading the processes output streams. Change-Id: I8d52d1973f3739e2c510a8a4c48b44f345c33dfe Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-05-12Bug 344349 - [breakpoints] Delete undo doesn't work when multi-selectI20190513-1800I20190512-1800Paul Pazderski1-2/+4
group and breakpoints Do/Undo-Operation fails if breakpoints are deleted twice. Change-Id: Ifa617309f2b822a13cc4f766b2cc2b050d71da3b Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-05-08Bug 545544 - Contribute Launch/Debug configuration to Quick AccessI20190509-1800I20190508-1800Mickael Istria5-0/+220
Change-Id: I046fb61551c60a54c6a726f32f2f3b01ba129e91 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2019-04-28Bug 546710 - [console] Race condition on process console creationI20190501-1800I20190501-0525I20190430-1800I20190429-1800I20190429-0240I20190428-1800Paul Pazderski1-2/+10
Change-Id: I473f4fa1296cbbc823f6d2b6ad6827957816d64c Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-04-25Bug 546710 - [console] Synchronize "remove all" action enable updateI20190427-1800I20190426-1800I20190425-1800Paul Pazderski1-1/+1
This should fix the following race condition for fast terminating processes: When the action is constructed it will update its enablement. The terminated notification, which also updates enablement, can come from a different thread. It may happen that the initial enablement update is interrupted after calculating the enablement state but before setting it. If then the process terminates the action is enabled due to terminated notification but the later resumed initial update will set it to disabled again. Change-Id: I32eafe4676b3fbd57a997ef75c96965bb5159f2f Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-04-24Bug 546710 - [console] Race condition in ProcessConsole init with fastPaul Pazderski1-4/+4
terminating processes Monitoring of process termination and console initialization are performed in separate threads. The ProcessConsole can miss the termination between the termination check in init and the following listener registration. Change-Id: If66027d87a7ef0cc19869d568d209c9387d5a606 Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-04-24Bug 546641 - [console] ProcessConsole InputReadJob is not cancelableI20190425-0030I20190424-1800Paul Pazderski1-5/+27
Change-Id: I453380da668bc5d04e2f90469a16d2ce37d1e90d Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <> Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2019-04-22Bug 498428 - NPE on dispose of RunToLineActionI20190423-1800Andrey Loskutov1-1/+6
Change-Id: I9910191e72540dcc9b49647ee4cc174ee174e3e2 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2019-04-13Bug 545330 - Problems in javadoc for platformI20190415-1800I20190415-0300I20190414-1800I20190414-0210I20190413-1800Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
Really fix the AbstractDebugView see tag syntax. Change-Id: Ic17119314fa2992e537b6353a0499cd97746bbd8 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-04-10Bug 546314 - Fix mangled copyright headersS4_12_0_M1I20190412-1800I20190412-0520I20190411-0625Paul Pazderski1-11/+12
Change-Id: I463de4caa71ab86ad9a95592892c1072d1ba0f9b Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-04-08Revert "Bug 545544 - Contribute Launch/Debug configuration to Quick Access"I20190410-1800I20190410-0600I20190409-1800I20190409-0600I20190408-1800Dani Megert5-235/+0
This reverts commit 27ffa28c237adb1de4de7339c16583845b0f79a0. See bug 546187 for details. Change-Id: I024f37eba46b7d9c6e3d5f6befcc281746a5f9cb
2019-04-02Bug 545544 - Contribute Launch/Debug configuration to Quick AccessI20190408-0600I20190407-1800I20190406-1800Mickael Istria5-0/+235
Change-Id: Ic0cc44a599bc749953db99d885ff31e38132bcbc Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2019-03-29Bug 545330 - Problems in javadoc for platformI20190405-1800I20190404-1800I20190403-1800I20190402-1800I20190401-1800I20190331-1800I20190330-1800I20190329-1800Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
Change-Id: I320bfadab4b2957d277b56603577d67063ac1c5c Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-20Remove useless non-javadoc see comments. (take 4)I20190329-0120I20190328-1800I20190327-1800I20190326-2305I20190326-1800I20190325-1800I20190325-0105I20190324-1800I20190323-1800I20190322-1800I20190321-1800I20190321-0435I20190321-0245Alexander Kurtakov142-1742/+57
Handled by Override annotation. Change-Id: Ic81aef130640547b3d07fd874f9da197bdbc1644 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-20Remove useless non-javadoc see comments. (take 3)I20190320-1800Alexander Kurtakov126-1577/+41
Handled by Override annotation. Change-Id: Ife58fe4576a16053087be89b91c1042efb0ab0a3 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-20Remove useless non-javadoc see comments. (take 2)Alexander Kurtakov154-2704/+381
Handled by Override annotation. Change-Id: Ia58f7defc807ae5ff37f1ef8a6617d4d8cac2a0a Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-20Remove useless non-javadoc see comments.Alexander Kurtakov10-164/+8
Handled by Override annotation. Change-Id: Icd0334c0b57bb3021693117877a9af5fcda571d7 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-19Bug 545330: Problems in javadoc for platformAlexander Kurtakov1-2/+3
Fix platform.debug issues. Change-Id: I90e3cd73e3d4fa187cd2ba567a76e4749bfad8e1 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-03-01Bug 544926 - NPE inY20190320-2200Y20190319-2305Y20190316-1220Y20190313-2200Y20190313-0215Y20190308-0715Y20190307-1015Y20190306-2200S4_11_0_RC2R4_11I20190307-0500I20190306-2135I20190306-1800I20190306-0600I20190305-1800I20190305-0600I20190304-1800I20190304-0600R4_11_maintenanceSarika Sinha1-0/+3
DefaultDetailPane$DetailJob$1.runInUIThread( Change-Id: Ic67c7a9431b08fd2bb8cf7c238c3fb5a273d4117
2019-02-18Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11Y20190227-2200Y20190225-0415Y20190222-0110Y20190220-2200S4_11_0_RC1S4_11_0_M3I20190303-1800I20190303-0600I20190302-1800I20190302-0600I20190301-1800I20190301-0040I20190228-0300I20190227-1800I20190227-0600I20190226-1800I20190226-1020I20190226-0715I20190226-0600I20190225-1800I20190225-0600I20190225-0200I20190224-1800I20190224-0930I20190224-0600I20190223-1800I20190223-0600I20190222-1800I20190222-0645I20190222-0440I20190220-1800I20190220-0600I20190219-1800I20190219-0600I20190218-1800Alexander Kurtakov3-8/+13
After fixing majority of Xdoclint:html issues there are warnings even with Xdoclint:none. Change-Id: I8d4ec9e2b5bfa137526e8bee0d00a3c9fef0eddb Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-02-18Bug 544528 - avoid deadlock after failed evaluationJulian Honnen1-6/+1
Moved fPendingValues.notifyAll() into finally block to ensure waiting threads are woken up after uncaught exceptions. Change-Id: Ia8a6c0126a6bf368c389118640edf51a7af7c6b0 Signed-off-by: Julian Honnen <>
2019-02-16Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11I20190218-0600I20190217-1800I20190217-0600I20190216-1800Alexander Kurtakov2-4/+4
Fix javadoc warnings catched by Java 11 tool with XDoclint:html. Change-Id: Ia9710302e4ac410d5724ae0430ee32389132f76b Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-02-15Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11I20190216-0600I20190215-1800Alexander Kurtakov4-34/+54
Fix javadoc warnings catched by Java 11 tool with XDoclint:html. Change-Id: I22598ce741b2ced850e6642575460534d7ba6309 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-02-14Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11I20190215-0630I20190215-0055I20190214-1800Alexander Kurtakov22-292/+353
Fix javadoc warnings catched by Java 11 tool with XDoclint:html. Change-Id: I99061cad4e8a9e3eb18bfc97143fa893715a58f8 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2019-02-12Bug 544400 - Replace usage of StructuredViewer#getSorter()Y20190213-2200Y20190213-0305I20190213-1800Karsten Thoms2-9/+9
Replace by StructuredViewer#getComparator Change-Id: I926b8c2329519b1add153906b772f60535dd79a3 Signed-off-by: Karsten Thoms <>
2019-02-10Bug 544313 - NPE on workbench close if debug view in foregroundI20190212-1800I20190211-1800I20190210-2135I20190210-1800Andrey Loskutov1-0/+4
Change-Id: I057c371f8280482636a5ffa9f618d2afbaf4b46f Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2019-01-25Bug 459906 - Add the ability to copy and paste environment variablesY20190208-0505Y20190206-2200Y20190205-0115Y20190201-0030Y20190130-2200Y20190130-0010I20190209-1800I20190208-1800I20190207-1800I20190206-1800I20190205-1800I20190204-1800I20190203-1800I20190202-1800I20190201-1800I20190201-0600I20190131-1800I20190131-0130I20190130-1800I20190129-1800I20190128-1800I20190127-1800I20190126-1800I20190125-1800Jens Reimann3-6/+198
This change adds the functionality of copy & pasting environment variables out of the env-var table view to the clipboard. Change-Id: I312f6966ebbf6b261dd858b4a55b660f86ed3727 Signed-off-by: Jens Reimann <>
2019-01-25Bug 543832 - NPE in ProcessConsole.getStream()Andrey Loskutov1-6/+6
Reordered stream disposal and disconnecting of listeners, so that listener should not run on disposed streams. Change-Id: I895f580c7eaca746994bd78f31ea82c62bfddffd Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2019-01-22Bug 543672 - SWT Widget Disposed in variables viewY20190123-2200I20190124-1800I20190124-1235I20190124-0930I20190123-1800I20190122-1800Sarika Sinha1-2/+2
Change-Id: I90091e6fe43cebd03ef772ebff2e77007ab57f32
2019-01-22Bug 334991 - Variables view: Add history with recent expressions to theSarika Sinha1-1/+8
details pane Change-Id: I4535a2c2917cb07db5cb98a6e6bd2a4db83257b9
2018-12-20Bug 542943: Improve performance of DebuggerY20190102-2200Y20181226-2200I20190105-0810I20190104-1800I20190103-1800I20190102-1800I20190101-1800I20181231-1800I20181230-1800I20181229-1800I20181228-1800I20181227-1800I20181226-1800I20181225-1800I20181224-1800I20181223-1800I20181222-1800I20181221-1800I20181220-1800Denis Ungemach1-1/+0
The call to getViewSite().getActionsBars().updateActionBars() is not necessary because setGlobalActions() also executes this call. Change-Id: I90889af76f1997662d10fc8b90f303e05c534c5c Signed-off-by: Denis Ungemach <>
2018-12-12Bug 540243 - Bad selection when opening Debug View on breakpointY20181212-2200I20181212-1800Simeon Andreev1-7/+45
When the Debug View is not open and a breakpoint is hit, a preference dictates whether the Debug View is opened. If this preference is used, it is possible to observe a bad selection in the Debug View. E.g. a thread is selected and not a stack frame, or a stack frame and a thread are selected. The problem is seen for Java debug targets, when owned monitors are displayed in the Debug View. When the Debug View debug target element is created, DebugTargetProxy.doInstalled() is called. This will retrieve the first suspended thread and expand it, if such a thread is available. The expand delta contains also the top stack frame at which the thread is suspended. This stack frame is added to the delta with index 0. Unfortunately, owned monitors are displayed before stack frames in the list of thread children. So as soon as the children of the thread are updated for the tree view, a thread owned monitor will replace the selected stack frame. This results in an invalid selection handling, which in turn breaks the selection. This change allows classes which extend DebugTargetProxy to override computation of indices for the launch, debug target and suspended stack frame. A follow-up change in JDT debug will ensure the correct index is computed for the suspended stack frame, one which takes the thread owned monitors into account. Change-Id: Ic8ca2f06a7ea9e47c0322e5d3a62775a0c816652 Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <>
2018-10-26Bug 540253 - Debug inactive after switching perspectivesI20181027-1800I20181026-1800Simeon Andreev2-8/+46
The fix for bug 538548 introduces a regression as follows. Switch from Java to Debug perspective, then back to Java perspective. Debug a snippet until a breakpoint is hit. Choose yes when asked whether to switch to the Debug perspective. Observe that debug controls are inactive. This is the case since LaunchView context provider no longer reacts to debug events, after switching to the Java perspective. It misses the breakpoint hit (which also triggers the Debug perspective switch-to confirmation dialog). This change removes the fix for bug 538548 and adds a local fix to SourceLookupService. The added fix prevents an editor popping up in the current perspective under the following conditions: 1. If the Debug View was not open in the current perspective. 2. Preferences to switch to a debug perspective on a breakpoint hit or on launch are set to "never". 3. Preference to activate the Debug View on a breakpoint hit is set to "disabled". Change-Id: Iab575ee2f9a292c23c47c95d23afadc49b8b2dff Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <> Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2018-10-18Bug 540259 - NPE in ProcessConsole$InputReadJob.runI20181019-0450I20181019-0330I20181018-1800Andrey Loskutov1-3/+7
Change-Id: Ib4c5510e95e2d707e9b649c010cc6d16ffe01609 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2018-10-18Bug 540242 - SWTException in InternalTreeModelViewer.getDisplayAndrey Loskutov2-13/+11
ElementMementoRequest should not try to call done() on already disposed viewer Change-Id: I09276f7f001a4c1725519183ee1a05d8485c6fb2 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>

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