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2017-01-13Bug 510100 - [cleanup] Get rid of trailing white space in platform.debugY20170119-1000I20170119-2000I20170119-1010I20170119-0345I20170118-2000I20170118-1215I20170117-2000I20170116-2000I20170115-2000I20170114-2000I20170113-2000Andrey Loskutov6-138/+138
2016-03-07Bug 486157 - Adapt to ListenerList changes Markus Keller1-16/+5
2016-03-07Bug 488838 - NPE during launching in Debug PerspectiveSarika Sinha1-4/+8
2016-02-01Bug 486157 - Adapt to ListenerList changes Sarika Sinha1-45/+45
2016-01-22Bug 486157 - Adapt to ListenerList changesI20160125-0400I20160124-2000Sarika Sinha3-25/+22
2015-09-30Bug 438396 - DebugUITools.getDebugContext() in background thread can cause SW...I20151103-0800I20151029-1100I20151028-2000I20151028-0800I20151027-2000I20151027-0800I20151026-2000I20151026-0800I20151025-2000I20151020-0800I20151014-1100I20151013-0800I20151006-0800Anton Leherbauer2-7/+29
2015-02-20Fixed bug 460417: Fix compiler problems from generified IAdaptable#getAdapter...Dani Megert3-10/+13
2014-08-12Removed unnecessary casts from Bug 430981: Add type information to IServiceLo...Markus Keller1-1/+1
2013-07-31Bug 352626 - Move platform debug to Java 1.6 BREEMike Rennie6-97/+163
2013-05-14Updated copyright dateI20130515-2000I20130514-2000Dani Megert1-1/+1
2012-11-09Bug 392855 - DebugContextSourceProvider should check for Null beforev20121109-220628I20121113-0800Pawel Piech2-4/+5
2012-05-15Fix Copyrights.Pawel Piech1-1/+1
2012-04-27Bug 377847 - [debug context] NPE when adding a debug context provider with ID...v20120427-0507I20120430-2000I20120430-1800I20120430-1500I20120430-1300I20120429-2000I20120429-1800I20120429-1245I20120429-1000I20120428-1230I20120428-0800I20120428-0140Pawel Piech1-15/+8
2012-04-03Bug 375887 - [debug context] IDebugContextService.removeDebugContextProvider()Pawel Piech1-1/+1
2012-04-03Bug 375887 - [debug context] IDebugContextService.removeDebugContextProvider()Pawel Piech1-14/+32
2012-04-03Bug 375887 - [debug context] IDebugContextService.removeDebugContextProvider()Pawel Piech1-7/+15
2011-10-12Bug 360637 - Debug Tool Bar items do nothingPawel Piech1-17/+18
2010-12-02Bug 327263 - Allow multiple debug views and multiple debug context providersPawel Piech2-50/+176
2010-08-09Bug 321658 - Debug leaks WorkbenchWindowDarin Wright2-30/+56
2010-07-09Bug 316164 - [view management] view activation should be triggered by stack ...Pawel Piech1-2/+3
2010-05-18copyright updatesDarin Wright1-2/+2
2010-02-02Bug 301570 - 'Device Disposed' after restarting target workspacePawel Piech1-4/+10
2009-12-30Bug 298648 - [View Management] Race conditions and other issues make view ma...Pawel Piech1-52/+65
2009-06-22Bug 266691 - Device is disposed in the .log fileDarin Wright1-4/+10
2009-03-31updated copyrightsMichael Rennie2-13/+13
2009-03-05Bug 258189 - IDebugContextManager.getContextService() called for a service af...Pawel Piech1-5/+21
2008-10-24Bug 229219 - Track "debugContext" with the window evaluation context.Pawel Piech2-0/+81
2006-10-26Bug 154135 APIs for custom debugger integrationDarin Wright4-97/+6
2006-10-26Bug 154135 APIs for custom debugger integrationDarin Wright1-38/+0
2006-10-25Bug 160932 API for debug context and debug commandsDarin Wright13-556/+89
2006-10-24 Bug 160932 API for debug context and debug commandsDarin Wright2-124/+6
2006-10-16Bug 160932 API for debug context and debug commandsDarin Wright8-39/+320
2006-08-29added comment for contributorDarin Wright1-0/+1
2006-08-21Bug 154598Michael Rennie1-1/+1
2006-05-23javadoc spelling errorsDarin Wright2-6/+6
2006-05-18Bug 141895 - Step keybindings not working in Ant debugger.Darin Wright1-1/+6
2006-05-16javadoc spelling errorsDarin Wright1-1/+1
2006-05-08copyright updateDarin Wright10-20/+20
2006-04-13Bug 136638 - NPE in debug UIDarin Wright1-1/+2
2006-03-07cleaned up auto generated and no purpose TODOsMichael Rennie1-5/+1
2006-03-06backwards compatible debug element without ILaunch adapterDarin Wright1-2/+7
2006-02-20spellingDarin Swanson1-1/+1
2006-02-16Bug 127937 - Leak: LaunchSuspendTrigger is not disposed properlyDarin Wright1-0/+1
2006-02-15Bug 127937 - Leak: LaunchSuspendTrigger is not disposed properlyDarin Wright2-5/+21
2006-02-09The method run(ISafeRunnable) from the type Platform is deprecatedDarin Swanson1-3/+3
2006-02-09Bug 127106 - suspend trigger not created for subsequent launchesDarin Wright3-6/+31
2006-02-07Bug 126781 - NPE when no activities for modelDarin Wright1-3/+5
2006-02-07Bug 124203 - View management with respect to debug context managerDarin Wright3-0/+541
2006-02-01provisional package re-orgDarin Wright11-19/+70
2005-12-07replaced core.commands.util.ListenerList with core.runtime.ListenerListKevin Barnes1-1/+1

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