BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_7_1_maintenance_patchesBug 365222 - LaunchConfigurationEditDialog does not return correctMike Rennie2 years
R3_7_maintenanceBackported fix for bug 371687: Deadlocks on workspace startupDani Megert2 years
R3_8_maintenanceIncreased bundle version for 4.2.2+ fixesDani Megert2 days
R4_3_maintenanceIncreased bundle version for 4.3.2+ fixesDani Megert2 days
cwindatt/Bug384844Bug 384844 - Add a current time variable and resolver Curtis Windatt21 months
flex_viewer_refactorBug 161435 - Added missing API tooling directives to virtual viewerPawel Piech2 years
integrationBug 388120 - Compilation errors while building debug on Fedora withKrzysztof Daniel20 months
masterBug 425962 - [New Contributors] Remove (non-Javadoc) @see statements ifMatthias Mailänder4 hours
ppiech/Bug145635Bug 145635 - Support for debug view pin & clonePawel Piech14 months
ppiech/Bug372181Bug 372181 - Working set support for Expressions ViewPawel Piech14 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I20140415-0800.tar.gz  I20140415-0800.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie13 days  I20140422-0800.tar.gz  I20140422-0800.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie13 days  I20140408-0800.tar.gz  I20140408-0800.tar.bz2  Sarika Sinha3 weeks  I20140408-1200.tar.gz  I20140408-1200.tar.bz2  Sarika Sinha3 weeks  I20140408-1645.tar.gz  I20140408-1645.tar.bz2  Sarika Sinha3 weeks  I20140401-0800.tar.gz  I20140401-0800.tar.bz2  Lars Vogel4 weeks  I20140401-1500.tar.gz  I20140401-1500.tar.bz2  Lars Vogel4 weeks  I20140402-0100.tar.gz  I20140402-0100.tar.bz2  Lars Vogel4 weeks  I20140325-0830.tar.gz  I20140325-0830.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie5 weeks  I20140318-0830.tar.gz  I20140318-0830.tar.bz2  Dani Megert5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
4 hoursBug 425962 - [New Contributors] Remove (non-Javadoc) @see statements ifHEADmasterrefs/changes/83/24083/4Matthias Mailänder Michael Rennie1-26/+1
13 daysBug 432579 - 'Skip All Breakpoints' - also update shared image refI20140422-0800I20140415-0800Mike Rennie Mike Rennie1-1/+1
13 daysBug 432579 - 'Skip All Breakpoints' tool item is always greyedMike Rennie Mike Rennie1-1/+1
2014-04-04Bug 431972 - Default Expression view detail pane layout is undefinedI20140408-1645I20140408-1200I20140408-0800Sarika Sinha Mike Rennie1-0/+6
2014-04-01Bug 430620 - [Graphics] Debug some icons require an updatesrefs/changes/23/24023/2Lars Vogel Lars Vogel32-23/+24
2014-03-27Bug 430127 - [Graphics] Use png files instead of gif files inI20140402-0100I20140401-1500I20140401-0800refs/changes/06/23606/6Lars Vogel Lars Vogel20-13/+15
2014-03-27Bug 426110 - [Graphics] Replace gif reference to org.eclipse.ui.ide withrefs/changes/08/20808/5Lars Vogel Michael Rennie1-4/+5
2014-03-18Bug 430620 - Required icon updatesI20140325-0830Mike Rennie Mike Rennie2-23/+23
2014-03-18Fixed compile warningI20140318-0830Dani Megert Dani Megert1-2/+1
2014-03-11Bug 426107 - Change org.eclipse.debug.ui extension point examples to userefs/changes/06/20806/2Lars Vogel Michael Rennie1-1/+1