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Bug 352235 - [launcher] docs are missing for the newv20120515-1830
--launcher.appendVmargs flag
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@@ -131,6 +131,17 @@ is a Sun VM, then the launcher will automatically add the
-XX:MaxPermSize=<value> vm argument.  The executable is not
capable of detecting Sun VMs on all platforms.<br>
+ <dt>--launcher.appendVmargs (Executable)</dt>
+ <dd>If specified, any VM arguments on the commandline will be appended
+ to any VM arguments specified in the launcher .ini file.
+ <span style="font-weight: bold;">Using this option is recommended</span>
+ in every launcher .ini file that specifies VM arguments, because the
+ default behavior of overriding VM arguments can have unexpected side-effects.</dd>
+ <dt>--launcher.overrideVmargs (Executable)</dt>
+ <dd>If specified on the commandline, overrides the effect of
+ --launcher.appendVmargs in a launcher .ini file such that none
+ of the VM arguments in the .ini file are considered as soon as
+ a -vmargs option is detected on the commandline.</dd>
<dt>-name &lt;string&gt;</dt>
<dd>The name to be displayed in the task bar item for the splash screen when the application starts up (not applicable on Windows).
Also used as the title of error dialogs opened by the launcher. When not set, the name is the name of the executable.</dd>