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Bug 366188 - Add support for 'authorized_keys' file to SSH consolev20120410-1403
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Instead of using JAAS authentication, the console can use key-based user authentication with ssh. It is possible to provide a file containing a list
of keys that are allowed to connect to the SSH console. The file will be read every time a connection is made so that it can be modified dynamically
at runtime. The file is specified with the property <code>ssh.server.authorized_keys</code>. If you use key-based authentication you do not need
- to specify the JAAS-related properties <code>java.security.auth.login.config</code>, <code>java.security.auth.login.config</code> and
+ to specify the JAAS-related properties <code>java.security.auth.login.config</code> and
+ <p>The console supports also custom public keys authentication. If no specific authorized_keys file is configured (via system property) the OSGi service
+ registry will be searched for available authenticators. To enable this feature you have to set the property
+ <code>ssh.custom.publickeys.auth</code> to <code>true</code>.
<h2>Configuring of telnet and ssh host and port through Configuration Admin service</h2>