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Bug 368101 - [console] Documentation for the console is necessary
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If no argument is specified the names of all new commands are displayed. <br>
If a command name is specified, the help message for this command is displayed. If the command is legacy and the <code>CommandProvider</code>, which provides this command,
does not provide separate help for each command (this is a new feature, introduced in Equinox 3.7), then the help messages for all commands in this <code>CommandProvider</code> are displayed. <br>
+ The help command supports <code>-scope</code> argument, which should be used as follows: <code>help -scope &lt;command_scope&gt;</code>. Thus the help command will display help only for the
+ commands with the specified scope. <br />
There is also a <code>man</code> command. It accepts the same arguments as the help command and has the same semantics. <br>
<h2>Writing Gogo Commands</h2>