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the bundle of the new console. It has the single method <code>getCandidates</code>, which get as a parameter the whole command line and the current cursor position in it, and returns
a map with all completion candidates, and the position in the command line, on which the completion begins. The keys in the map are the candidates, and the values - the start position
for the completion.
+ <h2>Command Line Editing</h2>
+ Both with telnet and ssh command line editing is available in addition to tab completion. The following functions are supported:
+ <ul>
+ <li>backspace - deletes the character to the left of the cursor</li>
+ <li>delete - deletes the character on the cursor position</li>
+ <li>home/end - moves the cursor to the beginning/end of the command line</li>
+ <li>left/right arrow - moves the cursor one character left/right</li>
+ <li>up/down arrow - moves backward/forward one entry in the command history</li>
+ <li>pageup/pagedown - moves to the first/last entry of the command history</li>
+ </ul>
+ These functions are supported also when the the console is run standalone with Equinox. In PDE these features are not supported.
<h2>Closing Telnet or Ssh Session</h2>