This is a web interface for Eclipse Git repositories. Many projects also use the Gerrit Code Review. For more information about Git, please see the Git Wiki page.

The contents of the Git repositories are made available under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement.

eclipse.platform.common.gitEclipse Platform Common Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.debug.gitEclipse Platform Debug Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.gitEclipse Platform Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.images.gitEclipse Platform Images Markus Keller42 hours repository is obsolete. John Arthorne22 months
eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator.gitEclipse Platform Aggregator Paul Webster42 hours
eclipse.platform.releng.basebuilder.gitThis repository is obsolete. David Williams24 months
eclipse.platform.releng.buildtools.gitEclipse Platform Build Tools David Williams26 hours
eclipse.platform.releng.eclipsebuilder.gitEclipse Platform EclipseBuilder Paul Webster24 months
eclipse.platform.releng.gitEclipse Platform Releng Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.releng.maps.gitEclipse Releng map files Kim Moir24 months
eclipse.platform.resources.gitEclipse Platform Resources Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.runtime.gitEclipse Platform Runtime Kim Moir42 hours
eclipse.platform.swt.binaries.gitEclipse Platform SWT Binaries Kim Moir41 hours
eclipse.platform.swt.gitEclipse Platform SWT Kim Moir41 hours Platform Team Kim Moir41 hours
eclipse.platform.text.gitEclipse Platform Text Kim Moir41 hours Platform UA Kim Moir41 hours
eclipse.platform.ui.gitPlatform UI Git repository Platform UI consists of several components, which pr...Kim Moir41 hours Platform UI Tools Paul Webster41 hours