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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 daysNo bug - fix some SpotBugs reportsHEADmasterThierry BLIND2-3/+1
5 daysBug 548280 - do better case-insensitive comparisons in classThierry BLIND3-23/+97
6 daysBug 535805 - "Remove unused use statement" doesn't work with groupedThierry BLIND20-86/+90
7 daysNo bug - minor code fixThierry BLIND1-1/+7
2019-05-03No bug - remove unused PHP 7.1 parser rules to avoid "ProductionThierry BLIND2-14/+0
2019-05-02No bug - add some comments as reminder for a very specific code casesThierry BLIND2-2/+11
2019-05-02Bug 501654 - Invalid syntax error for use statementThierry BLIND89-86/+3524
2019-04-30Bug 443037 - Restricted word 'parent' can be used as class name (noThierry BLIND22-25/+2195
2019-04-16Bug 546208 - Packagist search returns no results.Thierry BLIND4-41/+189
2019-04-13Bug 545444 - replace php:internal by PHPDawid Pakuła3-5/+10
2019-04-12No bug - cleanup composer apiThierry BLIND6-7/+7
2019-04-10Bug 544998 - Race condition between breakpoint operations and runThierry BLIND1-1/+7
2019-04-09Bug 545444 - support \r as new-line sign in cachegrind parserDawid Pakuła3-1/+58
2019-04-09No bug - Version bump to 6.3Dawid Pakuła88-122/+127
2019-04-09No bug - Tycho and target definition updateDawid Pakuła4-63/+15
2019-04-05Bug 545761 - White space before closing parenthesis not working inThierry BLIND5-2/+237
2019-03-13Bug 544559 - Arrays defined in comments are not seen as definedMichele Locati2-8/+10
2019-03-02Bug 538315 - Xdebug breaks at deleted breakpointsThierry BLIND2-10/+22
2019-03-01Bug 538315 - Xdebug breaks at deleted breakpointsThierry BLIND2-34/+51
2019-02-26Bug 538315 - Xdebug breaks at deleted breakpointsThierry BLIND2-19/+74
2019-02-25No bug - remove experimental flag for PHP 7.3 supportThierry BLIND2-2/+2
2019-02-25No bug - fix UNC path handling in VirtualPath and PathMapperEntryDialogThierry BLIND2-17/+55
2019-02-21Bug 525818 - Ctrl-Shift-Space doesn't work correctly for parameters whenThierry BLIND1-2/+7
2019-02-20Bug 544637 - better handling of multiline comments at end ofThierry BLIND7-13/+404
2019-02-13Bug 544078 - Add support for PHPUnit 8.0Thierry BLIND1-82/+82
2019-02-03Bug 544078 - Add support for PHPUnit 8.0Maik Greubel1-125/+130
2019-01-03No bug - fix method name typoThierry BLIND4-7/+7
2019-01-02Bug 543098 - PHP 7.3: do not remove trailing whitespaces insideThierry BLIND4-29/+126
2018-12-31No bug - fix initial Xdebug "trigger value" stateThierry BLIND1-3/+11
2018-12-27Bug 543062 - NPE when using Zend profiler and function invocationThierry BLIND1-51/+56
2018-12-26Bug 543053 - NPE when using Zend profiler and time division pie chartThierry BLIND1-2/+7
2018-12-24No bug - various parser rule simplifications and fixesThierry BLIND17-346/+88
2018-12-11No bug - N&N LinkR6_2_0Dawid Pakuła1-1/+1
2018-12-10Bug 542456 - Fully-qualified class names in generated PHPDocMichele Locati9-5/+203
2018-11-21Bug 541000 - Add api documentation stub for pthreads extensionMaik Greubel3-1/+1787
2018-11-19No bug - profile UI: fix some NPEs while using menu actionsThierry BLIND3-11/+18
2018-11-19No bug - fix some SpotBugs reportsThierry BLIND1-12/+23
2018-11-17No bug - fix some SpotBugs reportsThierry BLIND4-6/+6
2018-11-14No bug - Xdebug fixesThierry BLIND2-9/+28
2018-11-12Bug 537608 - PHP 7.3 SupportThierry BLIND230-453/+123116
2018-11-11Bug 539324 - ConcurrentModificationException while launching PHPUnittestDawid Pakuła1-9/+12
2018-11-09Bug 540356 - Highlighting problem with closure call inside arrayThierry BLIND4-7/+5
2018-11-02No bug - correctly set the type of NOWDOCs as Quote.QT_NOWDOCThierry BLIND17-67/+46
2018-10-31Bug 540647 - better detection of heredoc and nowdoc marker namesThierry BLIND14-43/+123
2018-10-31Bug 540647 - better detection of heredoc and nowdoc marker namesThierry BLIND13-83/+313
2018-10-29No bug - minor code fixesThierry BLIND3-6/+6
2018-10-21Bug 514120 - Type creation wizards should read correct namespace from compose...Dawid Pakuła18-54/+652
2018-10-15Bug 540130 - NullPointerException in ProblemLocation.getCoveringNodeThierry BLIND6-12/+49
2018-10-14Bug 540018 - Line Wrapping with Binary conditions keep togglingThierry BLIND56-2638/+2636
2018-10-11ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when creating a new formatter profileThierry BLIND1-1/+1

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