AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
23 hoursNo bug - [VariableValidator] Anonymous class supportHEADmasterDawid Pakuła1-7/+26
44 hoursBug 533902 - NullPointerException in VariableValidator$VariableValidatorVisit...Dawid Pakuła1-25/+25
47 hoursNo Bug - Convert StringBuffer to StringBuilderMichal Niewrzal2-41/+40
3 daysNo bug - minor typo fixesThierry BLIND3-3/+3
4 daysBug 533901 - autoedit should better handle heredocs when they containThierry BLIND3-25/+100
4 daysNo Bug - Simplifying PHPUnit codeMichal Niewrzal28-228/+187
4 daysNo bug - use correct caret position in class PHPFileCreationWizardThierry BLIND1-3/+8
5 daysBug 533840 - add code assist for types inside VarCommentsThierry BLIND7-13/+166
6 daysBug 533659 - improve superglobal highlighting and error handlingThierry BLIND3-6/+37
6 daysNo bug - uniformize the detection of line separatorsThierry BLIND5-6/+6
6 daysNo bug - cleanup class VariableValidatorThierry BLIND1-4/+14
7 daysBug 533717 - code assist on PHPDoc @var tags should work the sameThierry BLIND11-11/+449
8 daysBug 533659 - improve superglobal highlighting and error handlingThierry BLIND9-17/+90
13 daysBug 533514 - PHP Project filterDawid Pakuła2-2/+47
14 daysBug 533137 - Current target platform definition is missing dependenciesMichal Niewrzal1-37/+23
14 daysBug 532644 - Composer PackagesTest#testAsyncSearchWithPages often failsDawid Pakuła2-0/+57
2018-04-10Bug 478814 - Replace PHP Explorer by common Project ExplorerDawid Pakuła26-1854/+13
2018-04-10No bug - Enable deprecation warningsDawid Pakuła25-1036/+1032
2018-04-10Bug 514693 - Migrate PHP Explorer to Project Explorer when visibleDawid Pakuła3-1/+47
2018-04-10No bug - Defer context activationDawid Pakuła2-1/+4
2018-04-01No bug - Simple TI genericsDawid Pakuła4-56/+63
2018-03-30Bug 453333 - [parser] Parser allow non integer scalars in break/continueDawid Pakuła6-1/+74
2018-03-29Bug 386543 - Drop unused performance testsDawid Pakuła370-33488/+0
2018-03-28Bug 532945 - Consistent names of PHP language reference foldersMichele Locati356-4/+4
2018-03-28Bug 532989 - Invalid cast in PHPStructuredEditor::verifyKeyMichele Locati1-42/+41
2018-03-28No bug - Improve Variable ValidatorDawid Pakuła7-13/+8
2018-03-25Bug 398019 - Feature request: checking for unused and unassigned variablesDawid Pakuła25-21/+902
2018-03-24No Bug - Improve generate.phpMichele Locati1-38/+62
2018-03-23Bug 532786 - PDT Validation configuration: wrong link betweenThierry BLIND1-6/+6
2018-03-23Bug 532793 - reactivate support of ASP tags for older PHP versionsThierry BLIND54-198/+311
2018-03-21No Bug - Add completion for pthreads and xdebugMichele Locati9-2/+2398
2018-03-21No bug - fix the ProjectOptions.isSupportingASPTags() andThierry BLIND1-8/+22
2018-03-21Bug 532669 - Always consider asp_tags === false in PHP 7+ projectsThierry BLIND2-20/+4
2018-03-20No bug - fix the ProjectOptions.isSupportingASPTags() returned valueThierry BLIND1-1/+1
2018-03-20Bug 518856 - 'Blank line before PHPDocs tags' option modifies doc withThierry BLIND14-19/+724
2018-03-20Bug 520467 - NullPointerException in RemoveUnusedUseStatementProposal.addEditsDawid Pakuła1-1/+4
2018-03-20Bug 501049 - Binding for Open PHP Type doesn't work in Project ExplorerDawid Pakuła4-47/+316
2018-03-20No bug - Add support for Java 9 buildsDawid Pakuła3-346/+341
2018-03-20No bug - minor code cleanupsThierry BLIND3-4/+4
2018-03-20No Bug - Small code optimizationMichal Niewrzal1-69/+44
2018-03-19Bug 459395 - Formatter PHP Preview should use latest php versionThierry BLIND13-154/+115
2018-03-19No bug - use default methods in interface Visitor to handle newThierry BLIND1-3/+6
2018-03-18Bug 439568 - Comments formatting inside parameters/elements list should be im...Thierry BLIND3-6/+70
2018-03-17Bug 521884 - Code Formatter: comma after final array element forThierry BLIND12-11/+182
2018-03-17Bug 521884 - Code Formatter: comma after final array element forThierry BLIND91-287/+3393
2018-03-16Bug 459395 - Formatter PHP Preview should use latest php versionThierry BLIND4-3/+42
2018-03-16No bug - Reuse IBuffer if availableDawid Pakuła1-2/+16
2018-03-16No bug - Remove unnecessary starup index callDawid Pakuła5-69/+5
2018-03-15Bug 532488 - Merge smart importer plugin into coreDawid Pakuła15-688/+8
2018-03-15No bug - Improve brandingDawid Pakuła15-3/+112