BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
INDEX2do not index local variablesmspector5 years
R2_1_Galileobugzilla: 308589: loss of internal web browser when launching external web br...dkelsey5 years
R2_2_WAVE_7_1some functions are missing under XP. Regenerate the file under Ubuntu 10.4.qiwang4 years
R2_2_WAVE_7_3fix performance issuezzhongwei3 years
Studio_10_0_0Bug 399647 - NPE in addFiles message handlernbartol22 months
bug_419172Bug 419172 - A lot of "Bad Gateways" with SonarDawid Pakuła5 months
eclipse-pdt/masterBug 425774 - Code assist missing PHP 5.5 APIsnbartol10 months
junoBug 396436 - Juno nightly builds are compiling against KeplerJacek Pospychala23 months
masterBug 453334 - NumberFormatException for break/continue with stringsDawid Pakuła37 hours
originBug 408573 - Enable download statistics for PDT featurenbartol18 months
R3_3_2R3_3_2.zip  R3_3_2.tar.gz  R3_3_2.tar.bz2  Dawid Pakuła4 weeks
R3_3_1R3_3_1.zip  R3_3_1.tar.gz  R3_3_1.tar.bz2  Dawid Pakuła2 months
R3_3_0R3_3_0.zip  R3_3_0.tar.gz  R3_3_0.tar.bz2  Dawid Pakuła5 months
R3_1_2R3_1_2.zip  R3_1_2.tar.gz  R3_1_2.tar.bz2  Jacek Pospychala21 months
R3_1_1R3_1_1.zip  R3_1_1.tar.gz  R3_1_1.tar.bz2  Jacek Pospychala2 years
Root_R3_0_WAVE9Root_R3_0_WAVE9.zip  Root_R3_0_WAVE9.tar.gz  Root_R3_0_WAVE9.tar.bz2  zzhongwei2 years
v20111025-0100org.eclipse.pdt-20111025-0100.zip  org.eclipse.pdt-20111025-0100.tar.gz  org.eclipse.pdt-20111025-0100.tar.bz2  qiwang3 years
v20110706-2100org.eclipse.pdt-20110706-2100.zip  org.eclipse.pdt-20110706-2100.tar.gz  org.eclipse.pdt-20110706-2100.tar.bz2  rganor3 years
v20110627-1440org.eclipse.pdt-20110627-1440.zip  org.eclipse.pdt-20110627-1440.tar.gz  org.eclipse.pdt-20110627-1440.tar.bz2  zzhongwei3 years
v20110616-1427org.eclipse.pdt-20110616-1427.zip  org.eclipse.pdt-20110616-1427.tar.gz  org.eclipse.pdt-20110616-1427.tar.bz2  zzhongwei3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
37 hoursBug 453334 - NumberFormatException for break/continue with stringsHEADmasterDawid PakułaDawid Pakuła1-1/+6
2 daysBug 451676 - fixes and clean-ups using FindBugs analysisrefs/changes/38/36538/7Thierry BLINDDawid Pakula27-140/+81
2 daysBug 445244 - Use phpproblemmarker instead ofrefs/changes/49/36949/3Michal NiewrzalDawid Pakula3-20/+42
2 daysMerge "Bug 452992 - Debugging result output is not being properly shown in 'B...Michal NiewrzalGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org9-57/+36
3 daysBug 453016 - Unable to open php file with specific contentrefs/changes/26/37026/1Dawid PakułaDawid Pakuła1-0/+5
4 daysBug 453039 - CA doubles proposed type in use statementrefs/changes/30/36930/1Michal NiewrzalMichal Niewrzal2-3/+35
4 daysBug 452992 - Debugging result output is not being properly shown inrefs/changes/12/36912/1Bartlomiej LaczkowskiBartlomiej Laczkowski9-57/+36
7 daysMerge "Bug 449839 - XDebug debugger hangs when trying to perform 'Step Over' ...Michal NiewrzalGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2-15/+36
7 daysMerge "Bug 439557 - Indentation problem when pasting code"Michal NiewrzalGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org5-18/+63
7 daysMerge "Bug 450175 - Automatically set up debugger type while adding new PHP e...Michal NiewrzalGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org5-45/+106
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