BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
BETA_JAVA8Bug 429386 - [1.8] Error reading manifest: CoreException logged eachCurtis Windatt19 months
BETA_JAVA8_LUNABug 390930 - [1.8] Update to ASM 5.xCurtis Windatt19 months
R3_8_maintenanceBug 419503 - Dirty working tree: about.mappingsThanh Ha16 months
R4_3_maintenanceBug 420089: Dirty working tree: about.mappings (PDE.UI)Thanh Ha16 months
R4_3_maintenance_Java8Bug 428468 - [1.8][compiler] Finishing touches for Java 8 releaseCurtis Windatt19 months
R4_4_maintenanceAdjust branding bundle version to feature versionDani Megert8 months
R4_5_maintenanceBug 476691 - Warn when Service-Component used without activationAlex Blewitt6 days
cwindatt/4_4_masterBug 410983 - Unexpected "is not externalized" problem reportedCurtis Windatt2 years
cwindatt/Bug283731_RemoveTargetPreferencesBug 283731 - [target] Remove target state dependence on preferencesCurtis Windatt2 years
masterBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8 Vikas Chandra17 hours
I20151013-0800I20151013-0800.zip  I20151013-0800.tar.gz  I20151013-0800.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra17 hours
I20151006-0800I20151006-0800.zip  I20151006-0800.tar.gz  I20151006-0800.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra7 days
M20151007-1000M20151007-1000.zip  M20151007-1000.tar.gz  M20151007-1000.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra12 days
R4_5_1R4_5_1.zip  R4_5_1.tar.gz  R4_5_1.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra13 days
I20150929-0800I20150929-0800.zip  I20150929-0800.tar.gz  I20150929-0800.tar.xz  Alex Blewitt3 weeks
I20150922-0800I20150922-0800.zip  I20150922-0800.tar.gz  I20150922-0800.tar.xz  Sergey Grant3 weeks
I20150916-0800I20150916-0800.zip  I20150916-0800.tar.gz  I20150916-0800.tar.xz  Mickael Istria4 weeks
I20150916-2000I20150916-2000.zip  I20150916-2000.tar.gz  I20150916-2000.tar.xz  Mickael Istria4 weeks
I20150914-1130I20150914-1130.zip  I20150914-1130.tar.gz  I20150914-1130.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra4 weeks
I20150914-1545I20150914-1545.zip  I20150914-1545.tar.gz  I20150914-1545.tar.xz  Vikas Chandra4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 hoursBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8 HEADI20151013-0800masterVikas Chandra1-1/+1
2 daysBug 479515 - Remove commented plug-in entries coming from Bug 241145 andrefs/changes/19/57919/2Lars Vogel1-67/+2
5 daysBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8refs/changes/78/57578/2Lars Vogel1-2/+3
6 daysBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8refs/changes/77/57577/2Lars Vogel1-1/+1
6 daysFixed CHKPII errorDani Megert1-1/+1
7 daysBug 478082 - apitooling.apiuse scan produces false illegal use forVikas Chandra2-4/+16
7 daysBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8refs/changes/76/57576/2Lars Vogel1-2/+2
7 daysBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8refs/changes/75/57575/5Lars Vogel1-35/+28
7 daysBug 479192 - Warning in PDE after moving to java 8refs/changes/74/57574/2Lars Vogel1-4/+2
7 daysBug 470748 - NPE in editor when require bundle provides blank versionI20151006-0800Vikas Chandra1-1/+4
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