BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
BETA_JAVA8Bug 429386 - [1.8] Error reading manifest: CoreException logged eachCurtis Windatt4 months
BETA_JAVA8_LUNABug 390930 - [1.8] Update to ASM 5.xCurtis Windatt4 months
R3_8_maintenanceBug 419503 - Dirty working tree: about.mappingsThanh Ha8 weeks
R4_3_maintenanceBug 420089: Dirty working tree: about.mappings (PDE.UI)Thanh Ha6 weeks
R4_3_maintenance_Java8Bug 428468 - [1.8][compiler] Finishing touches for Java 8 releaseCurtis Windatt4 months
R4_4_maintenanceUpdate UA Core bundle version for Bug 436562Curtis Windatt3 weeks
cwindatt/4_4_masterBug 410983 - Unexpected "is not externalized" problem reportedCurtis Windatt13 months
cwindatt/Bug283731_RemoveTargetPreferencesBug 283731 - [target] Remove target state dependence on preferencesCurtis Windatt12 months
cwindatt/Bug409178_XmlExportSourceBundlesBug 409178 - XML export doesn't export source bundlesCurtis Windatt14 months
masterBug 439744 - CompareToBaselineWizard fails in Eclipse 4.4Curtis Windatt3 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I20140715-0800.tar.gz  I20140715-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt2 weeks  I20140722-0800.tar.gz  I20140722-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt2 weeks  I20140708-0800.tar.gz  I20140708-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt3 weeks  M20140709-0800.tar.gz  M20140709-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt3 weeks  M20140716-0800.tar.gz  M20140716-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt3 weeks  M20140723-0800.tar.gz  M20140723-0800.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt3 weeks  I20140701-0800.tar.gz  I20140701-0800.tar.bz2  Vikas Chandra4 weeks  R4_4.tar.gz  R4_4.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt4 weeks  I20140602-2000.tar.gz  I20140602-2000.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt8 weeks  I20140603-2000.tar.gz  I20140603-2000.tar.bz2  Curtis Windatt8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
3 daysBug 439744 - CompareToBaselineWizard fails in Eclipse 4.4HEADmasterCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt3-6/+12
2014-07-10Bug 439034 - [target] User cannot reload p2 target after error resolvingI20140722-0800I20140715-0800Curtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-8/+15
2014-07-09Allow import tests to pass locally if project is in hostCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-10/+28
2014-07-09Register the viewer as the selection providerrefs/changes/29/28929/2Alex BlewittCurtis Windatt1-1/+2
2014-07-09Bug 439265 - [perspective] The show in menu for PDE perspective shouldCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-4/+7
2014-07-08Bug 426531 - [category] Specify repository references in category.xmlrefs/changes/78/27678/3Susan McCourtSusan McCourt11-1/+738
2014-07-08Bug 435872 - NullPointerException when importing a project or openingVikas ChandraCurtis Windatt2-3/+13
2014-07-08Bug 435321 - Char range is off by one marking constructor methodVikas ChandraCurtis Windatt1-1/+2
2014-07-08Bug 438770 - Move JavadocHoverStyleSheet.css to css folderCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt3-3/+2
2014-07-03Update bundle version for PDE UI 4.5I20140708-0800Curtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-2/+2