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12 daysBug 552410 - [Copy/Paste] If a stereotype has composite association thePauline DEVILLE3-5/+25
copy paste of stereotyped element does not works correctly Change-Id: I08ee7083457527bd9028a64aab3b1bb0fb8520a1 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2019-10-28Bug 552355: architecture context related viewsjeremie.tatibouet4-3/+98
Change-Id: I16fb1d02a874cda0e13e2f470b26b244beca45c3 Signed-off-by: jeremie.tatibouet <>
2019-10-22Bug 551952 - [Wizards] File selection page in current wizards for new ↵Ansgar Radermacher3-21/+17
model/project enables "next" (page), even if it's the last onehat it's not the last page - Take superclass result into account for "canFlipToNextPage" - Remove non-necessary check based on "canFlipToNextPage" (the check is already done by "isPageComplete") Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: Icf979818361b4c5cb6ba3838a22f181f6756d3a4
2019-10-07Bug 551558 - [Table] Test build is failing since the TableReconciler isPauline DEVILLE5-44/+37
incorrect * Fix table reconciler * Update nattable model tests to be build with the architecture framework Change-Id: I3e25fd720d0a34e0ba1c7e3f7acabdb1bccbecd5 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2019-09-26Bug 551377: [PropertyView] The class StereotypeModelElement must return ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-9/+17
ObservableValue dedicated to Stereotype Property edition Change-Id: I00e3b2b5b0cbd9cbb591c572c6d2d1ac79120358 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-09-18Bug 550568: [AF] The diagrams and tables icons of disabled viewpointNicolas FAUVERGUE15-22/+22
should be grayed - Add grayed icon into the architecture framework - Create the grayed icons for diagrams and tables - Manage the view prototype display in: - Model Explorer - Welcome page - Table of views - Properties views Change-Id: I3301e9d17cb12c5ca59f2175b5cb0b86e6733917 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-09-17Bug 527181 - [Composite structure diagram] Initial port location on a part ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-8/+12
is top-left corner - Add non-null check Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
2019-08-22Bug 549705: [Properties View] The stereotype properties modified byNicolas FAUVERGUE12-49/+559
properties view does not use the correct request Manage the stereotypes properties with SetStereotypeValueRequest instead of SetRequest for the properties view. With this, we can use element types of stereotype properties. + Manage it while keeping the API. Change-Id: I709ee5154bb966926f0f091e3516780df60ac686 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-08-20Bug 549878: [Tests] Create tests for observable values and listsNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+2
Tests the observable values. Change-Id: I45bf31ef0cb0e0f6f5bf88073c98e2b746e78966 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-08-20Bug 429758: [Properties View] Property view for ClassAssociationNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+7
Add association ends edition in the AssociationClass property view. Change-Id: I24afd22103bfc982c74fade61a701d1290e9d58e Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-08-20Bug 470495: [Properties View] Stereotypes should have attribute andNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+4
operation lists - Add attributes and operations in the stereotype property view Change-Id: Ied1d5e97966e4dd3c22bd5196fda96986ee712b1 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-08-20Minor enhancements for helper advicesNicolas FAUVERGUE12-138/+89
Change-Id: I498eea155e2dd6db6d6be147bc7f8f473eb4e32e Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-08-08Bug 542802: [SequenceDiagram] Undo after message creation removes otherAntonio Campesino1-9/+16
elements from the model - II Fixing the case for the first message ends in the lifelines Change-Id: Id2d3a247e4c59e765e6225ad60475e958eadb0ef Signed-off-by: Antonio Campesino <>
2019-08-08Bug 549511 - [SequenceDiagram] Cannot undo the creation of a messageAntonio Campesino1-0/+3
with a gate as MessageEnd Change-Id: I222053ae935eb2d2a96efa96522171d244586e64 Signed-off-by: Antonio Campesino <>
2019-08-07Bug 549266 - [Releng] Update the platforms4.5.0_M2Quentin Le Menez44-103/+103
- Update to new M2 references - Update to 27.1.0 guava - Update versions to reflect the bree change Change-Id: I2896aaba6a887f30cef2c6f0c4e23ae3c0f548d0 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2019-08-06Bug 549266 - [Releng] Guava 27.1 compatibility patchQuentin Le Menez3-34/+37
- Add guava Futures compilation corrections (addCallback, transform, transformAsync) Change-Id: I236e3ba5cf9f4068168f5203688e99ac00fde4e8 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2019-07-08Bug 548728: [ElementTypes] Mark some needed helper advices as deprecatedNicolas FAUVERGUE10-18/+21
Add deprecated tag to useless helper advices + Delete references from uml.elementtypesconfiguration file (This advices are currently managed in the plug-in) Change-Id: Ic0a3e25a3c4f2ec9fb747e6569ac79f1db15e8cb Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-26Bug 548660 - [ActivityDiagram][Assistant] Error on loading ofPauline DEVILLE1-1/+2
activityDiagram.assistants Change-Id: I35f65c4bd846eb756364cc1f06c4637bffb60423 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2019-06-21Bug 548237: [Expression] Papyrus must provide new expressions check single ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-5/+5
valued EAttribute and Stereotype Properties values (equality tests) - update dependencies version Change-Id: Idd725d282cc751fa30b31eb5cb0b53adecd5c7f2 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-06-21Bug 548237: [Expression] Papyrus must provide new expressions check single ↵Vincent Lorenzo98-3257/+5444
valued EAttribute and Stereotype Properties values (equality tests) - add SingleStereotypeAttributeEqualityExpression element in UML Expression - add JUnit tests for the new expressions - contribute to EMF Property View - declare editor for this property view - connect the string editor for stereotype qualified name to the UML Expression Papyrus property view Change-Id: I4ed865b6f23f4e06a46b4fd15d5c31fb306350d7 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-06-21Bug 548237: [Expression] Papyrus must provide new expressions check single ↵Vincent Lorenzo9-72/+97
valued EAttribute and Stereotype Properties values (equality tests) - refactore Expression model to get common features between expressions - 4 new abstract classes creation, which provide one of these feature : - referencedExpression - referencedExpressions - ownedExpression - ownedExpressions - this refactoring allows us to provide editors working with the EMF Property View (construre must have 0 parameter (so the previous commit didn't work) Change-Id: I5562978c28b6546d18609662f1ac50de70c6bce5 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-06-17Bug 547864 - [SequenceDiagram] Undo/Redo problem with CombinedFragmentNicolas FAUVERGUE6-24/+307
Failing tests : - Some tests are failing due to incorrect tests (validation tests are no more needed because the covering is automatically recalculated) - Other tests are failing due to undo/redo problem of CombinedFragment creation. The undo creation when something is contained into the created CombinedFragment crash with exception (The undo of creation is no more possible because the elements positions changed). In this patch: I manage undo/redo of creation differently (manually) to move needed contained elements before to remove CombinedFragment. In this case, i have to cut the undo/redo of the SemanticCreationCommand. With this patch, all JUnit tests of sequence diagram works fine. Change-Id: Ib1ed2df10404763ca79e5a2c5c62bf4c52600657 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 546413 - [ActivityDiagram] Drop strategy which are developed inPauline DEVILLE12-12/+738
Simex (Moka) should be add to the core of Papyrus Add strategies when dropping an association to create: * ClearAssociationAction * CreateLinkAction * DestroyLinkAction * ReadLinkAction Change-Id: I4240a08bfff4bc7f945de2997e6bbc00a574b7dd Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2019-06-17Bug 546413 - [ActivityDiagram] Drop strategy which are developed inPauline DEVILLE31-451/+2510
Simex (Moka) should be add to the core of Papyrus Change-Id: Ibebada8c5fb50b30232195dd043bff33d174672c Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521612: [ActivityDiagram][InterruptibleActivityRegion] AnNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+7
interruptible region is named element so it shall be possible to provide it with a name - Add the name and the label fields in UML Tab (But the modification of this name and label does not be changed into the diagram) Change-Id: Iee38b7949bdf983c1347122a6d559bdd16594af7 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 533248: [Activity Diagram] Moving an activityNode betweenNicolas FAUVERGUE2-7/+63
ActivityPartitions using drag&drop does not update InPartition and Node properties correctly The move out/in of ActivityPartition was managed but the move from ActivityPartition to another one not. So this patch do it. Change-Id: I1f002f99f289829e62ac6de6e49991d68b60101e Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521678: [ActivityDiagram][ExecutableNode] Property "handlers" is notNicolas FAUVERGUE49-12/+290
accessible from the property view - Manage the 'handler' property in property view for all ExecutableNodes Change-Id: I9d3b770a031bf09ca7074ccf238288e97d906128 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521617: [ActivityDiagram][InitialNode] The visibility property isNicolas FAUVERGUE6-0/+36
not accessible from the UML tab Add visibility field for : - Single Initial Node - Single Fork Node - Single Join Node - Multiple Initial Node - Multiple Fork Node - Multiple Join Node Change-Id: I99eb4c114ecde2c6390ba5abe38e5cbd31b621cc Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 535719: [ActivityDiagram] StartClassifierBehaviorAction Name is notNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+1
correct in the palette Change-Id: Ied4ad3a740562a7bf9f295880de81142fa09d92d Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 548029: [Diagram] Some helper advices are not foundNicolas FAUVERGUE9-8/+12
Manage EditHelperAdvice in sub element types file Change-Id: I6baff396fa78cba8970bbdfb22df426757a800a5 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 539564: [Activity Diagram] Control flows and Object Flows could notNicolas FAUVERGUE3-1/+373
be added using popup-handles in the diagram Add assistants file to manage creation of ControlFlow, ObjectFlow and ExceptionHandler links by a simple way. Change-Id: I4f1e1d4af8f30345c8fb426a042b2858b0bbe52e Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 517797: [ActivityDiagram] Copy-paste doesn't work as expectedNicolas FAUVERGUE1-16/+78
Manage the graphical creation of the CallBehaviorAction for the copy/paste of an activity. Change-Id: I3f2ce172c713d25a5209568d8bdd359573e52c0a Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 494514: [ActivityDiagram] Activity edge created in partition doesNicolas FAUVERGUE3-23/+239
not have inPartition feature set Manage the control flow and object flow edit helper for in partition feature value. + Manage InPartition feature for sub elements in InPartition Element Change-Id: I1c88ea554e4bf8fd9f1e57c70df901d293b5dfb6 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521669: [ActivityDiagram][CreateLinkObjectAction] Shape notNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+1
consistent with other actions - Manage rounded radius with umlBase css Change-Id: I17283fe245a290bad0e46be1588e1c2df0071c6b Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521668: [ActivityDiagram][ReducetAction] Shape not consistent withNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+1
other actions - Manage rounded radius with umlBase css Change-Id: I5baad93a049bb3ebb3cfc9468d7d2e6effba644d Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-17Bug 521661: [ActivityDiagram][ReadExtentAction] Shape not consistentNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+1
with other actions - Manage rounded radius with umlBase css Change-Id: I3771d0a791dde0aa326351366533eaa19c22330d Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-14Bug 515082: [ActivityDiagram] Some nodes should be notated by a dashed,Nicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+10
round-cornered rectangle Manage needed elements asdashed rounded compartment. Change-Id: Idb303dd5ac47a457061d6e293cce5732b1ab676e Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-13Bug 548150: [SequenceDiagram] Expection during the redo of an AsynchNicolas FAUVERGUE1-3/+7
Message creation The exception throw was not legit. Indeed, if we choose to do nothing more than a creation of an async edge, no exception must be throw. Change-Id: Iafc6c8a77a6322da889fd351272ae445ee3239d2 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-06-12Bug 545631 - [Releng] Update the targets for 2019-06 RC24.4.0_RC2Quentin Le Menez22-42/+42
- Add a strong dependency to guava 21 to avoid compiling against 27.1.0 in orbit - Rewire xwt dependency to the new milestone Change-Id: I54f2f76414b34acd186c2adfe6ce529b44f5c231 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2019-06-11Bug 548147: [SequenceDiagram][Model2Doc] NullPointerException exporting ↵Vincent Lorenzo1-4/+11
Sequence Diagram Change-Id: Ifb9b367446531099c9acd692c2e6dae8a8fd82b1 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-05-23Bug 542802: [SequenceDiagram] Undo after message creation removes otherNicolas FAUVERGUE5-117/+439
elements from the model - Manage the undo manually because an action was done silently after the command execution that's re-order the items in interaction or interaction operand, so the undo delete the wrong elements. Change-Id: I3507d7ffe744ce19876aa6132312cb181dae3c5b Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-05-23Bug 545540: [Properties View] OpaqueAction Properties view has weirdNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+11
layout in UML tab Change layout of OpaqueAction to get correct edition space. Change-Id: I24bb89abf2af621697e152df0ddb661155e5608d Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2019-05-10Bug 547160: [Table] Column referencing a single Reference feature are not ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-4/+5
editable Change-Id: I620e05cb5d36dda2524af433f88b999009357f40 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-04-25Bug 546737: [Properties] UML Advanced Properties always assumes we are ↵Vincent Lorenzo6-51/+142
working with UML. -> this assertion is quite wrong Change-Id: I8938a5fe397bd86726f94ad6dd64bb688f769ee4 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-04-17Bug 540815 - [Property view] Upper multiplicity is not correctly updatedAnsgar Radermacher1-0/+29
- Remove value specification, if value corresponds to default Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: Ibef2c95155561e2f8f86ff96fee052e52c435996
2019-04-15Bug 539374: [Sequence Diagram] Incorrect semantics for NestedCamille Letavernier1-32/+30
CombinedFragments Change-Id: Ia45fd267d1ccd0fc84b0ae2f78be976a682a4acc Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2019-04-03Bug 542434 : [Sequence Diagram] Add element on stereotyped LifelineYoann Farre1-13/+11 -Remove call to deprecated method and add a test to avoid BaseSlidableAnchor Illegal Argument Exception Change-Id: I961b7d3b6e7e01fcb263add6c00cd65a3255fe95 Signed-off-by: Yoann Farre <>
2019-04-02Bug 546040 - [Table] Column Add/remove menu not available on top leftRemi Schnekenburger1-41/+51
corner for some models - Add some null checks in the code. As a note, these issues are hard to detect, as the model explorer does not display the empty package imports. Change-Id: I30d67f67459253a0a90e1331a4fa47af47221198 Signed-off-by: Remi Schnekenburger <>
2019-03-20Bug 545575: [Table] Paste String resolution doesn't work for stereotype's ↵Vincent Lorenzo5-10/+28
properties typed with an UML metaclass - fix the bug about the stereotype resolution problem - change cell painter for UML reference and UML stereotype single reference to get he underline error in case of paste error Change-Id: I379ca98592118c2311c046834d67820a5375ed00 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2019-03-14Bug 545401: [Table] Cell representing a property of stereotype typed with a ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-7/+32
single reference are not editable Change-Id: I20a9b66b7e4698223cf40798464c23b50acd2fed Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>

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